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Integracje Try it out

We have a variety of pay-as-you-go and set plans. The free plan has limited features, plus a free 7-day test period for any paid plan.

Fee-based plans: Basic - $5.45 p/m

Gold - $7.99 p/m

Platinum - $10.99 p/m

There are also non-subscription plans. For full information please see our pricing page

Wsparcie w integracji

Contact for integration support is a builder which allows you to create surveys, quizzes, tests, calculators, online record forms and any other web forms, without the help of a designer or programmer. is a great solution for creating both simple and very complex forms. Its unlimited possibilities allow you to create almost any form and customize it the way you want.

Using the integration you can automatically create subscribers and add them to the required MailerLite group from any form on your website. You choose which fields from the form and where they should be written to MailerLite.