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Mail Designer 365 offers premium plans starting at $15/per person/month, billed annually.

You can access their pricing information here.

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With Mail Designer 365, you can create and design responsive email newsletters without the need to use any sort of coding or programming language. You can start designing your newsletters from scratch or use any of the 150+ templates available.

After you've finished designing your newsletter in Mail Designer 365, you may export the HTML code to use in the MailerLite Custom HTML editor, which requires a premium plan to use.

  1. On Mail Designer 365, build your HTML email design, click Share, and select the Website/HTML option.

  2. Enter the image URL prefix of the online server where your images are hosted. 

  3. Following export, select the images in the folder and upload them to the online server. 

  4. Create a .zip file of the folder where your designed elements were saved on export by right-clicking and selecting Compress.

  5. On MailerLite, create a new HTML campaign and select Import from zip.

  6. Upload the .zip file you exported from Mail Designer 365.

  7. Make any necessary adjustments to the HTML campaign before proceeding with the next steps to send your campaign.

That’s it! Now you know how to export your newsletters created on Mail Designer 365 to MailerLite. Please note that you will need a MailerLite premium plan to use the custom HTML editor.