Custom HTML email editor

If you choose to code your own newsletters, we’ve got you covered. Our user-friendly HTML email editor offers special features like a preview mode, auto save and an automatic email CSS Inliner.

Import custom HTML email code

Add your HTML code by cut & paste, importing from a Zip or from a URL. All your images imported from a Zip or URL will be saved automatically in your file manager.

Edit HTML emails with real-time preview

There is nothing better than previewing your HTML in real-time. See how your newsletter looks as you build it and make the necessary changes while you code.

Automatic CSS inliner

Improve your HTML code using our automatic CSS inliner and rest assured that your email looks neat in every email client!

Personalize emails with custom fields

You can personalize your emails even when you use your own HTML code with our standard custom field tags. Tags are listed in one library so there is no need to look elsewhere. Everything is there when you need it.

Mobile preview

Switch preview mode between desktop and mobile to see how your emails look on the different devices.

Start using the custom HTML newsletter editor

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