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HTML email editor

Code your custom emails

If you want to code emails from scratch, you’re covered. Our user-friendly HTML email editor offers special features like snippets, custom variables and an automatic email CSS inliner.

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Import custom HTML email code

Add HTML code by cut & paste, importing from a ZIP or from a URL. All images imported from a ZIP or URL are automatically saved in your file manager.

Edit HTML emails in real-time

Preview HTML email campaigns in real-time. When you highlight a section of code, you’ll see it highlighted in the newsletter preview. See how your email looks and make changes as you code.

Personalize using custom variables

Personalize your HTML email design with variables and standard custom field tags. Tags are listed in one library so everything is there when you need it.

Optimize code with CSS inliner

Improve HTML code using an automatic CSS inliner, and rest assured that your email looks neat in every email client!

Undo functionality for easy edits

Resolve mistakes quickly with the ‘undo’ functionality for easy editing.

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