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Build email newsletters

Drag & drop email editor

Create engaging, dynamic emails in minutes with our intuitive Drag & drop email editor. Delight audiences with expert design, video, social media blocks, and AI-generated content.

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Create quickly with pre-built design blocks

Design like a pro using a variety of email blocks that you can completely customize and then save in the drag & drop editor for future use!

Insert e-commerce products into emails

Integrate easily with your e-commerce platform. Use the Product block to highlight new items and tailor emails based on customers' recent purchases.

Create and save newsletter templates

Personalize pre-designed email templates or build your own unique templates, then save them in your gallery for future campaigns.

More engagement with interactive blocks

Boost conversions and take your email campaigns up a notch with content that encourages interaction. Add carousel galleries, accordion tabs, event RSVPs and more, directly from the newsletter editor.

Quizzes and surveys

Goodbye third-party survey tools, hello survey block! Collect valuable feedback from subscribers and increase customer satisfaction with branded surveys and quizzes, embedded in your email with a simple drag and drop.


Wrap up your email in style with personalized signatures (choose one or add your own).


Harness the power of discount codes in your email marketing campaigns.


Capture attention with a tasteful selection of images about you and your business.

Countdown timer

Perfect for a product launch, special event, giveaways and more, it’s the ideal way to create a sense of urgency.


Fill up your guest list using the event RSVP button in your email.

70 Newsletter blocks for your upcoming campaigns

One email, many audiences

Take email personalization to the next level by dynamically targeting sections of an email to specific audiences. Create a single email and assign an audience to each block so they only see content that’s relevant to them.

Track change history

Easily track progress and undo/redo changes with the drag & drop email editor’s version tracking feature. Quickly locate older design versions or view recent revisions any time you create a newsletter!

Maximize creativity with your AI writing assistant

Write entire emails in seconds and enhance your newsletter content ideas using the AI email content generator. Get ready to dramatically improve productivity, messaging clarity and campaign effectiveness.

Choose tone of voice

Craft messages that truly resonate with your audience. Choose the right tone to ensure your content has a consistent brand voice that subscribers recognize.

Select content type

Generate the email content you need whether it's an attention-grabbing title or a longer descriptive paragraph. You can shape your content to suit your messaging goals.

Regenerate responses

Never settle for less than perfect. If the generated content isn't quite right, simply regenerate responses until you have a version that aligns flawlessly with your needs.

Powered by OpenAI

Unmatched precision and adaptability, GPT technology enhances your writing, creativity and language proficiency.

Tailored to your audience

Optimize messages by prompting the AI tool with industry specific keywords, boosting relevance and effectiveness.

Inspire new ideas

Unlock limitless creativity and innovation in your writing with OpenAI's idea generation capabilities.

Communicate globally

Speak to your audience in their native language and communicate globally with robust multilingual support.

Save time and money

Add a writing team to your business at no extra cost, driving productivity and saving resources.

Add a personal touch to your emails

Your subscribers receive tons of emails every day. To stand out from the crowd, you need to be human, personal, and delight your subscribers. Insert your subscriber’s name, location, or a variety of other personal elements to make that special connection.

Use the built-in image editor to tweak pics

Give images a little va-va-voom and create beautiful emails with our image editor. No need for extra apps; make adjustments to fine-tune pics or add filters, shapes, borders, stickers, text and more.

Design beautiful emails with AI

Use our Canva integration to bring AI-generated images directly into MailerLite. Then wow subscribers with a professionally-designed newsletter using the drag & drop email editor.

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Frequently asked questions
Can you create a newsletter in MailerLite?

Yes! MailerLite is an email marketing platform built for creating beautiful newsletters using easy-to-use tools. For more information on creating newsletters, see our guide on the different ways to create email campaigns in MailerLite.

What is a drag & drop email builder?

Our drag & drop email editor allows you to simply choose pre-built blocks to add to your newsletter, so you can add elements such as text and images easily, without code or advanced design skills.