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We believe pricing should be straightforward, fair and affordable for all businesses.

All you need to grow your business online

MailerLite helps you easily create newsletters, email automations, landing pages, websites, and more. Affordable and backed by 24/7 award-winning support.

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Frequently asked questions
Which plan is right for me?

MailerLite offers 4 different plan options:

- Free 

- Growing Business

- Advanced

- Enterprise

The Free plan is perfect for those just starting out. It offers the essential features, including sending up to 1000 subscribers, campaign creation, automations, a website, and the ability to create 10 landing pages.

The Growing business plan starts at $10/month and includes all the features you need to start growing your business online. You can create and send RSS and AutoResend campaigns, design newsletters and landing page templates, remove the MailerLite logo from your content, create an unlimited number of websites and landing pages, and more.

The Advanced plan is for those who want more advanced features to keep their subscribers engaged and their business flowing. This plan starts at just $20/month, and provides all the features in the Growing plan as well as unlimited account users, Custom HTML editor, unsubscribe page builder, advanced website features such as password protection, custom code injections, and more.

The Enterprise plan is a custom solution based on your specific needs. Clients with a large database of subscribers starting from 100K and higher who are in need of additional features beyond the Advanced plan should consider our enterprise option. Pricing will vary based on the amount of active subscribers being imported, as well as any additional services requested such as dedicated support from a Customer Success Manager or a Dedicated IP, for example. You can request more information about enterprise options and add-on services from our contact form

How do I switch to a different plan?

You can switch to a new plan at any time by going to the Billing and Plan tab in your account. Choose the plan that's best for you and get immediate access to your new features!

If you want to switch from an annual plan to a monthly plan, you can initiate the switch, but the change will not be effective until the annual plan has expired. Switching from monthly to annual is effective as soon as checkout is complete.

When downgrading your plan, you will need to wait until the billing cycle (monthly or annual) ends for the current plan, and the new (lesser) plan will start at the next billing cycle.

Can I stack multiple discounts or promotions?

We can only apply one discount at a time. However, we do offer a variety of discounts including annual and nonprofit discounts.

How do you count subscribers?

Account billing is based on the number of Active Subscribers in your account. These include all of the subscribers who have the “active” status and not others such as “unsubscribed” or “bounced.”

If you send an email to a subscriber, it will count toward your plan’s sending limit. For example, if you have a plan with a sending limit of 2500, then you can send emails to up to 2500 unique subscribers within a 30-day period. The used subscribers count resets at the start of each billing period, which is based on the date of your first plan purchase; for example, if you delete subscribers on April 1st and your billing date is April 5th, these subscribers will count towards your limit until April 4th.

What happens when I outgrow my subscriber limit on my plan?

For paid accounts, when the number of active subscribers exceeds the current subscriber limit, the subscriber limit will automatically increase and your credit card will be charged for the next pricing tier. You will receive a notification in your account when the limit is close to being exceeded.

For free accounts, when the number of active subscribers exceeds the 1,000 active subscriber limit, sendings will be locked (campaigns + automation). Clients will be prompted to sign up for a paid account, or they will need to remove active subscribers to regain sending ability.

Which features will I be able to test during the 30-day full access period?

Check out our help article What is included in MailerLite’s 30-day premium trial? for all of the information on MailerLite’s premium trial.

What happens after the 30-day trial of premium features ends?

Every client gets 30 days to test certain premium features. Once this period ends, these features will no longer be available unless the account is upgraded. None of your data including subscribers, automations, forms, sites, ect will be removed from your account once the trial ends.

How do you protect your customer's data?

Your data is safe with MailerLite! We’ll never rent, sell or otherwise share your data with any third parties. In order to ensure all accounts comply with our Terms of use and Anti-spam policy, we reserve the right to monitor the lists, content, and response data of all MailerLite accounts.

By monitoring MailerLite accounts, we ensure that there is no malicious activity on our servers, protecting the reputation of our shared IPs and their users.

Where is MailerLite data stored?

Our data storage center is located in the European Union and has an information storage security certificate (ISO 27001).

For more information on how we process your data, check out our Privacy policy.

Is MailerLite GDPR compliant?

Yes. MailerLite has all the necessary GDPR controls and procedures for personal data processing security.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

Yes, nonprofit organizations receive a 30% discount on MailerLite's paid plans. To receive the discount, indicate that you are a nonprofit during your approval application, and contact our support via contact us page or via live chat with a document clearly showing your nonprofit status. For example, US nonprofits can provide their IRS tax exemption certificate, and European NGOs can provide any official government document acknowledging non-profit status.

Do you offer any discounts for organizations seeking multiple accounts?

We do not. Each account will require a separate plan and billing.

I am a marketing agency/freelancer and I help small businesses. Do you have a reseller or referral program?

Yes! Mailerlite offers a referral program as well as an affiliate program. Spread the word 💚

I don’t have much experience in marketing. Do you offer any services to help me get started?

We have multiple resources to help you start your email marketing journey with MailerLite:

During your 30-day free trial of paid features, you’ll also have access to 24/7 live chat and email support. Otherwise, if you need any help with the MailerLite app and its features, check out your support options here.

Do you provide assistance if I am starting an account with a large list of contacts?

Yes! Our Customer Success Team is ready to help prospective clients who are migrating a larger database. Please reach out to support regarding this type of additional assistance so we can offer a custom solution based on your needs.