Rich-text editor

Create plain text emails with the formatting capabilities of HTML. Our rich-text email editor lets you add links, images, bullet points and style text to get your message across exactly right.

Enhance your emails with new design blocks

Design professional-looking text emails with content blocks, including text formatting, images, dividers and an email signature. Style your text, insert images, divide up large groups of text and sign emails with your signature and profile picture.

Edit your text inline with ease

Inline editor helps you quickly format text, change colors, adjust sizes and insert links to your text email. What you see in the editor is a direct reflection of what your final email will look like.

Personalize emails using custom fields

Add a personal touch to your rich-text emails with custom fields. Include as many fields as you want based on the information you have, like the recipient’s name, hometown or company.

Target a section of your email using dynamic content

Take personalization to the next level by dynamically targeting content blocks to specific audiences. You create one email, but certain sections are only visible to a designated group of subscribers.

Preview your email directly from the editor

The inline editor gives an almost identical preview of what the reader will see, but you can also double-check your email design with the preview mode or send yourself a test version to view the email from your inbox.

Create rich-text email templates

When you create an email that you love, you can save it as a template. Build your gallery of rich-text email template designs and reuse it for future campaigns.

Track changes with version tracking

Made some changes to your email only to realize that you liked an older version better? You can review recent changes and restore the older draft with the version tracking feature.

Increase subscriber engagement

Create messages that are easy to read and feel like personal, plain text emails. Rich-text emails are an ideal option for outreach emails, networking follow-ups or sales inquiries where this type of engagement is required.

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