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Email rich-text editor

Craft plain text emails

Compose emails that combine the personal touch of plain text with the formatting capabilities of HTML. The rich-text email editor lets you add links, images, bullet points and more to enhance your messaging and connect with subscribers.

Send rich-text emails
Enhance your emails with design blocks

Design text emails with a personal touch. You can add images, CTA buttons, videos, and sign off with a signature and profile picture!

Edit your text inline with ease

The inline editor helps you quickly format text, change colors, adjust sizes, add emojis, and insert hyperlinks to your email message.

Get organized with tables

Structure your plain text emails using the tables block. Break up paragraphs and organize images and data.

Add video to emails

Grab readers’ attention by delivering video content directly to their inboxes. Simply add the video block to your email, copy and paste the video URL and the rich-text editor will do the rest.

Set a deadline with a countdown

There’s no better way to create a sense of urgency than with a countdown timer. Use the rich-text email editor’s countdown block to promote an offer, and let subscribers know exactly how long they have left!

Add links to social media profiles

Sharing your social profiles is a no-brainer, and with the rich-text editor’s social links, adding them to emails is too! Choose the social icons and add your profile links to give subscribers more ways to connect.

Personalize emails using custom fields

Add a personal touch to rich-text emails with custom fields. Include as many fields as you want, like the recipient’s name, hometown or company.

Limit visibility with dynamic content

Display certain content blocks exclusively to a targeted audience. You create one email, but certain sections are only visible to a designated group of subscribers.

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