Email automation

Automated emails guide your customers during every step of their journey—from the moment they get to know you until the conversion and beyond. Set up your workflow once to reach the right customers at exactly the right time.

Build strong relationships

Whether it’s just 1 customer or thousands, you can easily engage with each individual subscriber. Personal, targeted and without much effort.

  • Give new subscribers a warm welcome
  • Celebrate an anniversary together
  • Automate subscriber updates

Sell more stuff

Boost sales by sending exclusive offers based on customer behavior and seal the deal with abandoned cart emails.

  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Follow up on a purchase

Talk to people individually

When you tag subscribers to interest groups or segments based on their behavior, you can send personal emails that are tailored exactly to their needs and interests.

  • Create segments based on customer behavior
  • Send personalized content
  • Reward loyal customers

Mix and match steps in just a few clicks for the perfect workflow

Our super-intuitive automation editor enables anyone to build a new workflow within minutes. And our dynamic automation features give you the flexibility to create your workflow exactly as you need it to be.

Track your results

Use real-time reports to track your audience engagement and overall growth. Leverage these insights to make your next email campaign even more targeted and effective.


The automation workflow builder allows you to create an email series with different emails and steps. To keep up with where your subscribers are within the workflow, we provide an activity report that informs you about the subscriber's states.


Automation history lets you track, view and restore all the previous actions within the automation workflow from when it was first activated. You can sort the data by date or by selected action.

Automation examples

Not sure how to get started? Get inspired by the different automated workflows below.

Series of emails every few days
Book promotion
Birthday offer
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