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Email automation

Automated emails guide subscribers through every step of their journey—from the welcome email to purchase. Set up marketing automation workflows once to reach the right people at the right time. And it’s free!

Send triggered emails

Instantly react to subscriber behaviors without lifting a finger. Trigger emailing automatically sends emails and updates custom fields with new data, based on specific actions or “triggers” such as clicking a link or completing a form.

Send a welcome email to new subscribers
Celebrate anniversaries (e.g. birthday email)
Follow up when subscribers click a link
Deliver lead magnets

Improve customer retention

It costs more to get a new customer than keep an existing one. Use an e-commerce integration to anticipate customer behavior, then nurture them with perfectly-timed emails to keep them engaged.

Send abandoned cart emails to potential customers
Follow up on a purchase and request a review
Segment customers by purchase behavior
Upsell other products for customer retention
Send discount codes for future purchases

Personalize each email

Whether it’s one person or thousands, you can engage each subscriber personally. Tag them in interest groups or segment by behavior to send email marketing campaigns that truly resonate.

Create segments based on customer behavior
Send personalized content
Reward loyal customers

Mix and match steps for the perfect workflow

Give subscribers a unique user experience. Our super-intuitive email automation editor enables anyone to build and automate new email workflows within minutes. Simply drag and drop the steps you need, and voila!

Track and improve results

Use real-time reports to track audience engagement, metrics and overall growth. Leverage these insights to improve click-throughs and conversion rates of your next email campaign.

Monitor subscriber activity

Create an email series with different emails and steps using the automation workflow builder. And keep up with where your subscribers are within the email workflow with activity reporting.

Track automation history

Track, view and restore all the previous actions within the email automation workflow from when it was first activated. You can sort the data by date or by selected action.

Go further with advanced automation

Experienced email marketers can take automation one step further using triggers to enhance segmentation, add more custom fields and create multi-step email workflows. Plus, use APIs to connect data with custom fields and create even more advanced automations.

Email automation examples

Not sure how to get started? Get inspired by these automated workflow templates below.

Email automation example
Email automation for book promotion
Birthday offer email automation
Automation triggered by click on the link

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