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Email automation

Build automated email workflows

Automated emails guide subscribers through every step of their journey—from the welcome email to purchase. Set up email marketing automation workflows to reach the right people at the right time.

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Send triggered emails

Instantly react to subscriber behaviors without lifting a finger. Automatically send emails or perform other actions, based on a specific event or multiple triggers such as clicking a link or completing a form.

When a subscriber joins a group

Use this trigger to send automatic, targeted emails to subscribers in specific email lists. Excellent for welcome emails, lead magnets, and webinar or event emails.

When a subscriber completes a form

Strike while the iron is hot and send an automated email as soon as the subscriber completes a form. Great for onboarding new customers and lead nurturing.

When a subscriber clicks a link

Trigger a specific action when a subscriber clicks a link in one of your emails. Use this trigger to send automated emails, or instantly add subscribers to a group based on their interest.

Updated field

Activate a workflow when a custom field in the subscriber profile is updated. A field could be updated by a signup form, email survey or manually from your dashboard.

The anniversary of a date

Collect subscribers' birthdays, wedding dates and other important life events to automate highly customized email messages to celebrate their anniversaries every year.

The exact match of a date

Trigger your email automation on the exact match of the date in a subscriber field. This comes in handy for automated newsletter subscription or free trial related emails.

Multi-trigger email automation

Advanced plan users can experience next-level targeting by setting up several triggers to activate one email workflow. Add up to 3 triggers for each automation, enabling multiple entry points for one workflow.

New! A/B split testing

Skyrocket engagement by testing and optimizing subject lines, content and send times. You can test up to 3 workflow variations without test limits. Gain all the insight you need to make data-driven decisions.

Improve customer retention

Your most valuable customers are your existing customers. Nurture them with perfectly-timed emails using an e-commerce integration.

Abandoned cart

Trigger an automation workflow when a shop visitor provides their email but leaves before finalizing their purchase. These emails are awesome for customer retention.

Purchased any product

Send an order confirmation email with an opportunity to cross-sell or upsell in real time. The workflow is triggered when a subscriber completes the purchase of any product from your store.

Purchased specific product

This trigger is activated when a shopper purchases a specific product in your store and lets you easily send an upsell email. Use it to send informational emails after someone buys a certain item.

Purchased from a category

Trigger an email automation when a shopper purchases a product from a specific category. This trigger is ideal for cross-selling products or to offer other relevant products based on prior purchases.

Integrate all your tools

Supercharge your email marketing workflow by using APIs to integrate your favorite web services, like CRMs. If you can’t find an existing integration, Mailerlite’s API makes it easy for developers to smoothly integrate with other apps.

Personalize each email

Whether it’s one person or thousands, you can engage each subscriber personally. Tag them in interest groups or segment by behavior to send email marketing campaigns that truly resonate.

Segments based on behavior

Send personalized content

Reward loyal customers

Track and improve results

Use real-time reports to track audience engagement, metrics and overall growth. Leverage these insights to improve click-throughs and conversion rates of your email automation.

Total emails sent
Click to open rate
    Spam complaints
    Hard bounce
    Soft bounce

Monitor subscriber activity

Create an email series with multiple steps with the automation workflow builder. Keep up with where your subscribers are in the email workflow with activity reporting.

Track automation history

Track, view and restore all the previous actions within the email automation workflow from when it was first activated. You can sort the data by date or by selected action.

Email automation examples

Not sure how to get started? Get inspired by these automated workflow templates below.

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Frequently asked questions
What is an email automation?

Email automations are a series of emails and actions that are kicked off when a subscriber completes a certain action, or “trigger.”

What are email automation triggers?

An email automation trigger is an event that will automatically kick-start your automation workflow as soon as that event takes place. Selecting a trigger (or triggers) is the first step in creating an automation workflow.

How much does email automation cost?

With MailerLite, automations can be created on both our free and paid plans. However, certain advanced features are only available on paid plans that start from 9 $/month. 

What kind of emails should I include in email automation?

It depends on your goals! To see different types of automations commonly used by email marketers, check our automation examples. 

How do I set up email automation?

Using MailerLite, automations are easy to set up! See our video tutorial on how to set up an email automation. 

What are the benefits of automations?

Building automations with email triggers reduces the amount of time you spend creating and sending email marketing campaigns, but that’s not all!

Automations also help you:

- Increase engagement

- Nurture leads

- Boost customer retention

- Deliver a personalized customer experience

- Communicate with new subscribers in real-time

- Shorten sales cycles