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Email verifier


Protect your email list and reach the inbox every time. MailerCheck’s instant email verification tool cleans and optimizes your list in three simple steps.

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Bulk email verifier

Easily check hundreds or thousands of subscribers at a time. Simply upload your entire email list in a CSV or TXT file and let MailerCheck get to work.

Single email address verification

Check one or a few email addresses in seconds. Enter one email address at a time in the single address checker and get instant results.

Email verification API

Get real-time verification any time a new email address is collected through signup forms. MailerCheck’s API filters out bad email addresses before they’re added to your list.

Identify issues to boost deliverability

Verify quality of email addresses

Filter out low quality email addresses that might go unread or bounce. MailerCheck will pinpoint emails with past delivery issues, disposable and role-based emails and full mailboxes.

Detect errors

Occasional mistakes during the signup process are unavoidable. MailerCheck will tell you which email addresses carry typos, syntax errors or return Mailbox not found.

Reveal catch-all emails

Catch-all email addresses aren’t guaranteed to be delivered to a real person. MailerCheck will reveal which belong to a catch-all mailbox so you can strategize how to use them in future campaigns.

Clean email lists fix way more than bounce rates

Improve email deliverability

With fewer bounces, higher open/click rates and more engaged subscribers, your sender reputation and deliverability will soar.

Save money every month

Only send to verified subscribers and avoid paying extra to your email service provider to send out emails to invalid addresses.

Increase email marketing ROI

Get more bang for your buck as email campaigns get delivered to a larger portion of subscribers, increasing engagement and ROI.

Monitor sending activity and reputation

Verify sending sources

Track domain activity and protect your account from unauthorized use. MailerCheck’s DMARC reporting tool will help you prevent phishing and spoofing scams, protecting your sender reputation and deliverability.

Track blocklist activity

Learn immediately if your IP address or domain has been blocklisted. Blocklist monitoring tracks the most impactful lists, alerts you if your IP/domain appears, and provides instructions for delisting before it affects your sender reputation.

Why MailerCheck

Trusted by MailerLite

MailerLite is a sister company of MailerCheck and a leading email marketing software with over 1,000,000 customers across the globe and extensive experience in the email marketing industry.

Why MailerCheck

More than an email verifier

An all-in-one email marketing optimization tool: Highlight and fix email deliverability red flags with email insights, predict inbox placement and gain insights about your activity with usage reports.

Why MailerCheck

Connect with your favorite apps

Ensure your email list is always clean before you send campaigns by integrating MailerCheck with MailerLite or use Zapier to connect with your favorite web apps.

Why MailerCheck

24/7 customer support

MailerCheck’s expert support team works around the clock to provide timely (and super friendly!) responses to your queries no matter how complex the issue.

Pay your way with MailerCheck

With both pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and monthly plan options, MailerCheck makes it easy for any business to take control of their email list, boost open rates and increase ROI.

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