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AI email generator

Write emails in minutes using AI

The AI writing assistant and Subject line generator, both powered by ChatGPT technology, will turbocharge email creation and inspire new ideas to engage subscribers. It’s your ticket to higher quality campaigns written at the speed of Lite.

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Enjoy the future of email writing, now

Discover all the ways your AI email generator enhances every aspect of the email marketing workflow.

Save precious time

Because everyone needs more time! With your AI email writer, professional emails are crafted in mere minutes.

Error-free emails

Say goodbye to awkward typos. AI is well-trained in all things grammar.

Personalize emails

Establish meaningful connections. Instruct your AI writer to create content that resonates with your target audience.

Boost conversions

Increase click-through rates and conversions with content written content for your audience.

Enhance creativity

Brainstorm like never before. AI helps you come up with fresh, exciting ideas.

Consistent branding

Fortify your brand voice with a consistent tone and style written by your AI email generator.

Let AI write email subject lines

Get noticed amidst a sea of emails with compelling subject lines, courtesy of your Subject line generator. AI-generated text that will lead to more opens and conversions.

Choose your tone of voice

Create the perfect mood for your email by choosing from four options: Natural, Catchy, Professional or Persuasive.

Select what kind of content you want

Whether you need a concise short paragraph, detailed text, an attention-grabbing title, or a compelling call-to-action, your AI email writer has you covered.

Regenerate content that’s not quite right

Not satisfied with the generated content? No problem! Regenerate up to 3 times until you find the perfect fit.

Optimize AI content with A/B testing

Maximize impact of your AI-generated content by using A/B testing to discover what works. Experiment with tone, styles and messaging – letting readers guide your strategy.

Design beautiful emails with AI

Use our Canva integration to bring AI-generated images directly into MailerLite. Then wow subscribers with a professionally-designed newsletter using the drag & drop email editor.

Bring your emails to life with AI

Sign up for a free MailerLite account to explore premium features free for 30 days, meet your AI writing assistant, and enjoy complimentary AI credits to test out all the AI features MailerLite has to offer for free!

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