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"MailerLite... wow. We couldn't be happier with what you offer."

We have used a different (global!) service for years and have really struggled to make what we needed: just simple, well-formatted emails. Every single email was a battle with that program. After signing up to MailerLite (thinking 'there has to be a better way!') we knew our problems were over in the first 10 minutes. Everything was seamless, allowing our team to easily create emails that our clients wanted to read, and it was all done so simply, and in a third of the time it previously took us. Features including re-sending to subscribers who didn't open, and exporting forms to other accounts were simple to access and made our life even easier. We couldn't be happier. We will spread the word!

Nikki D.

Director, Frankly Social & Hello Carts

Chetan A.

Director, Apparel & Fashion

“Mailerlite is the best email marketing tool I have used so far.”

It was a great experience with Mailerlite. We liked this tool a lot, and use it on daily basis.

"MailerLite has been awesome and support is fantastic!"

I've been using it free for quite a while and just recently hit over 1000 subscribers and needed to pay for the next tier/level, which is fine as I appreciate I got to use it free for so long. I had one little issue when I tried to send a campaign, because I should have been allowed up to 2500 subscribers and I'm only just over 1000. I sent an email to support and Abby responded super quick and resolved my issue. I didn't realize they need to manually approve an upgrade - she did that and I was good to go. Great support.

Randy N.

Consultant, Cerner Application Support and Interface Analyst

Kim M.

Writing and Editing, Self-employed

“MailerLite beats the competition.”

I've been using MailerLite to automate my email marketing for over 2 years and it was FREE for the first 1,000 subscribers. That's a steal considering the functionality that comes with it.

Kellee C.

Managing Director, Marketing and Advertising

“MailerLite, the best email marketing platform I've used.”

I've used MailerLite to send out email marketing campaigns for myself and my clients. It works well and doesn't have tons of useless features.

"Mailer-Strong more than Mailer-Lite!"

Awesome experience. Their website and blog builder is like a golden treasure waiting to be harnessed. Much easier to handle than major Web builders and still does it with ease.

Jerry S.

Founder, LogicalRetreat™

Jackie N.

Writing and Editing, Self-employed

“Wonderful product, wonderful support.”

A good solid product that's well designed and functions in a way that make it easy to use - I never dread having to open MailerLite to update or create a new automation. I have used other providers but Mailerlite outshines them.

Randy G.

COO, Professional Training & Coaching

“The best ESP for growing businesses.”

It is super easy to make emails that look great. The automation is easy to understand. The service is 2nd to none!

"Message Factory has migrated all their clients from Mailchimp to MailerLite, and the results couldn’t be any better."

Great level of satisfaction in terms of the results we are obtaining in our campaigns, as well as how is to work with MailerLite on a daily-basis. Also, very important to mention the amazing customer service provided. Always very quick, detailed and helpful. Message Factory couldn’t be any happier by working with MailerLite!

Andre R.

Project Manager, msgFactory

Miranda C.

Writing and Editing, Self-employed

“First time user.”

I'm new to MailerLite and I'm not techy at all. Although the software has a few limitations, it's incredibly easy to operate and put together a landing page and a functional website. If I can do it, anyone can.

"I have been using it for several years now and I believe Mailerlite is one of the best pieces of software I have invested in."

Before finding ML I tried ALL the things. I scoured the Internet for the perfect blend of features, price, and support. The team at ML keeps up on the latest trends in Email Marketing and keeps the software up to date with new features on a regular basis. I recommend it to all my clients and even when I see others asking about Alternatives to other Email Marketing Systems. I also love their newsletters that tell us of how they are innovating in Remote Work! Love it! Thank you MailerLite, here's to another 5 years!

Elizabeth P.

Speaker, Absolute Marketing Expert

"They're like the Chick-fil-a of online customer service."

I've been a ML user for four years now. It is one of the best digital platforms/products/services I have ever purchased. The interface is intuitive, the final product is always slick and clean, and the customer service is hands-down the best online customer service experience I've ever had.

Alison M.

Homeschool Coach, Goodschooling

"My list health has improved dramatically."

My deliverability and engagement rates are way up. I had no idea who was a good subscriber or not before because I was struggling so much to get my emails into inboxes in the first place. Oh, and my newsletter landing page is doing better than ever. The last time I checked it was converting at just over 40%. Awesome.

Jordan B.

Founder, The Mental Health Update

Monica M.

CEO, Maroli Design Services

"Mailerlite is critical to my success and that of my clients. Not sure how I'd survive without it."

My love of this app is one of those hills I'll die on. A tight budget made me switch to Mailerlite five years ago, and I've never looked back or elsewhere. As an author and author assistant, the app's A/B branch capability in drip campaigns alone justifies using Mailerlite over other services.

"The icing on the cake is that all of this is available even for small startups using one of the cheaper paid plans."

What I love most about MailerLite is the completely and easily customizable templates, yet still having full accessibility from all email clients. The analytics features allow us to test different designs, content and subjects, to find out what inspires our readers the most.

Eloy G.

Founder / Owner, Self-employed

Alyssa B.

Business Operations, Mentor

"My clients open rates have increased by 1-2% since moving to MailerLite."

We now have automations in place that are working properly and we don't have customers slipping through the cracks.

"MailerLite has completely given me peace of mind, taken something major off my list that has felt like a weight for over a year, and all with THE BEST customer support I have ever seen!"

My clients are able to receive complete onboarding communication without me taking time away from what really needs my focus… MY CLIENTS! Seriously if you are considering MailerLite, or are using another provider currently… my advice, sign up now, switch from wherever you are, and thank me later 😉

Lianna M.

Mindset & Business Coach - Podcaster, This World My View Podcast

Lynda M.

Author, Lynda McDaniels Books

"MailerLite makes everything easy with no surprises, which saves me a lot of time and aggravation."

I switched to MailerLite because my website platform was nickel-and-diming me for everything I wanted to do with my site and my newsletters. In addition, MailerLite customer service is superb. The staff seems to really care that I need a little help.

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