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Amy · 20 min read

Your guide to email signature best practices for 2022 (with examples)

Email signatures are key component to maximizing conversions and engagement. Learn how to craft a professional email signature with these best practices.

Meg · 22 min read

How to never run out of content ideas

Finding new content ideas is fun at first, but it’s easy to burn out later on. Check out these 7 tips to keep up with trending topics, stay in tune with your audience, and consistently deliver amazing content.

Silvestras · 14 min read

Your guide to understanding email bounce rates

Learn all about soft bounce and hard bounce rates: what they are, what's the industry average and how to reduce them.

Megan · 19 min read

How to successfully start and run a paid newsletter subscription

Learn all the steps to starting your own paid newsletter subscription service and get inspired by examples of people who've already succeeded.

Meg · 17 min read

67 special events to inspire your December newsletter ideas

Ready to spruce up your December email campaigns? Check out these 67 special events to inspire your next newsletter!

Ilma · 27 min read

Your merriest guide to Christmas email marketing

All of our holiday email marketing best practices and Christmas newsletter automation examples compiled into one complete guide.

Ilma · 19 min read

Drum roll, please. The best time to send your email based on 2021 data is...

We analyzed over 2.5 million campaigns to help you answer email marketing's most asked question, 'When's the best time to send my email?’

Erin · 14 min read

ESP migration: A guide to switching email marketing tools

You're not stuck with one ESP forever. Not happy with your current provider? Learn how to make the switch.

Meg · 34 min read

161 special events to inspire your November newsletter ideas

November isn't just about Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Check out these 161 events to inspire your next newsletter.

Megan · 24 min read

Black Friday and Cyber Monday email marketing checklist

Compete with the inbox chaos and make the most of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns!