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Get inspired! 77 digital product ideas you can sell online

Jonas Fischer Jonas Fischer
· 20 min read · E-commerce · October 20, 2020

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or you’re ready to start an e-commerce empire, our list of the best digital products to sell online is for you.

So what are digital products? They’re basically digital assets or pieces of media that can be sold online over and over. Unlike physical goods, a digital product is limitless; you never have to replenish your inventory. If you’ve ever downloaded a music file, a PDF guide or an ebook, for example, then you’re already using digital products. 

Nowadays, businesses and freelancers alike are starting to sell digital products more and more to generate a passive income—and with good reason. Nearly 60% of the world’s population is now online, and so selling digital products allows you to access an enormous market. It's time for you to jump on the digital product bandwagon!

Digital goods are awesome. Absolutely awesome. But if you need a little persuasion, here are 7 reasons why you should sell digital products: 

Why sell digital products
  1. Your inventory will never run out: So you can say au revoir to supply and demand issues. It’s a one-time product which sells automatically, again and again.

  2. You get a passive income: You only have to make the digital product once. After it’s been released, you can relax and enjoy the paychecks.

  3. You can scale it easily: Since there aren’t any logistics around increasing production.

  4. Your startup costs are low: You don’t need investments and shareholders to get going. Just start where you are.

  5. You have a direct communication channel to your customers: Which spells good news for your business, especially as consumers are more likely to trust companies who are easy to contact.

  6. You enjoy more freedom and flexibility: Selling digital products will free up time for you to focus on more important things. Like your dog, or water skiing, or stamp collecting, or whatever else makes you happy.

  7. You can reach a wider market: Some clients might not be able to afford your services, but they could afford your digital product. This makes your business open and accessible to everyone.

If that isn’t love at first sight, we don’t know what is! Digital goods will give you an extra source of income, whilst allowing you more time to focus on other things—like the next opportunity for your online business. 

We’ve got you all hyped up about how great digital products are, and now it’s time for us to show you the best digital product ideas from various industries (77, to be precise)!

Before we dive in, you’ll notice that most digital products fall under these categories:

  • Ebooks

  • Software

  • Video

  • Audio and music

  • Photography

  • Graphics

  • Digital art

  • PDF documents 

  • Online courses

  • Web-based applications

It’s time to explore our list of profitable digital products based on industry. If it’s not your industry, we hope you can get inspired and find ways to apply the ideas to your own. 

Whatever you blog about, digital products are a great way to monetize your efforts, especially since you already have an audience. Remember that the digital product must hold more value than what you’re already sharing for free—so make it good! Here are some ideas for bloggers: 

1. Membership site: Set up a site with exclusive content that customers can access through a monthly or yearly subscription. 

2. Planners and journals: Share your lifestyle tips and routines in a printable PDF.

3. Podcasts: Interview influential people in your field and share insider tips and ideas. Here are some of our favorite digital marketing podcasts, for inspiration. 

4. Downloadable guides: If you’re a lifestyle blogger or a handicraft expert, for example, you could create an ebook or PDF guide to show your followers how it’s done. 

5. Self-assessment tool: We love this downloadable scorecard by One Step Outside. Their blog offers career and business advice, so they created this quiz to help their audience along.

Blogging digital product example

Enter the world of gigs, freelancers and digital nomads. Every freelancer has picked up plenty of tips along the way, and they sell many popular digital products. 

6. Beginner’s guide to freelancing: Write an ebook on how you started as a freelancer.

7. E-learning course: Create a certified course on your profession. 

8. Online community: Her SuiteSpot has created a platform of mentors and resources for female entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Freelancer digital product example

If you’re a counselor, life coach or wellness expert, you can help a wider audience via digital products. 

9. Paid newsletter: Share meditations, guides and tutorials via a paid newsletter subscription. Read this article to find out more about how to start and run a paid newsletter

10. Meditation audio: Sell 10-15 minute audio recordings of meditations and mindfulness exercises. 

11. Video courses: Create a video series of coping strategies, grounding techniques and wellness tips. 

12. Printable journals and wellness trackers: We love this wellness planner being sold by 

Life and wellness digital product example

This is a big one! Prepare yourself for a long list of digital product ideas coming up. If you’re a designer, your skillset is constantly in demand, and people (plus other designers) will grab anything you have to offer! Here are just a few of the best digital goods.

13. Wallpapers: Everyone loves a nice background for their desktop or smartphone. 

14. Emojis: Why not create some unique emojis for your customers to use, so that their messages can stand out? 

15. Posters: Get arty and design printable posters for your clients to decorate their space. 

16. Fonts: Create some special text styles and fonts and sell them to your audience. 

17. Photoshop templates: You could offer product mockups, effects, layouts and more. 

18. Business card templates: Help your customers to look extra professional with some stylish business card templates. 

19. Infographic design templates: These are great when people want to clearly present a lot of data and information. 

20. Presentation templates: Give your customers a presentation design that stands out. 

21. Invitation templates: These are great for people who want to make an impression at their big event—especially for weddings! 

22. Comic templates: Graphic novelists and comic artists will be fighting to get their hands on these! 

23. Printout origami: If you enjoy origami, you could create some printable templates for others to share in the fun. 

24. 3D printer design files: Share your 3D printable files with your online community. 

25. Icon sets: Give people some unique icon sets for the website or landing page. 

26. Animations: If you’re a whizz at doing animations, you could sell them to video creators and YouTubers. 

27. Premade graphic designs: Graphic designers are highly sought-after, but you can reach your clients straight away with some ready-made designs. 

28. Create a website design checklist: Like Alberta Designs, who offer a website essentials checklist below. Their main role is website design, but they also offer this guide so that they can reach a wider audience with their products. 

Designer digital product example

IT specialists are in high demand! Almost every business is dependent on IT services to keep them running. Here’s a list of digital product ideas for IT specialists.

29. Apps: Once you’ve designed your mobile app, you can either add a pricing plan or have in-app purchases. 

30. Video games: You could create a video game series, which customers can either buy, pay a monthly fee, or purchase features within the game. 

31. Website themes: Sell some premade themes, for WordPress for example, which customers can download and use straight away on their own website. 

32. Browser plugins: Create software additions to customize the browsing experience. 

33. Hosting: Provide a web server where clients can store their files and data. 

34. Code snippets: Share a small region of reusable code for your customers to use on their own sites. 

35. Integrations: For example, take a look at Collect.Chat, which offers a 24x7 chatbot integration. 

IT digital product example

Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur or a startup, you’re bound to have plenty of insider knowledge and tips! Share your business hacks and methods using these digital product ideas below. 

36. Business podcast: Audio content is more popular than ever, and it’s easy to produce! All you need is a USB microphone and an internet connection. 

37. Resume templates: Sell CV templates to help your customers get hired. 

38. Careers advice ebook: Write an ebook about your experience and insights when building a successful career. 

39. Goal setting worksheets: Help your audience to map their career goals with a printable worksheet or journal. 

40. Masterclasses: Share your specialized knowledge in an e-learning series. 

41. Online communities and resources: Take Spark for example, who offer an online membership network with exclusive access to practical resources and training. 

Business digital product example

Calling all writers! You have two channels here: you can create digital products for other writers, and/or digital products relating to your book. Here are some of our top ideas. 

42. Fiction and non-fiction ebooks: This may seem obvious to authors, but your book is a key source of passive income, so make the most of it! 

43. Deleted chapters, spin-offs, short stories and extra scenes: If your book is especially popular, you could share some extra snippets of the story for your readers to buy. 

44. Self-publishing guides: More writers are interested in self-publishing, but may feel overwhelmed by having to do their own cover design, promotion, marketing and so on. If you’ve already been there, share what you learned. 

45. Novel planning sheet: Many people have great ideas for books, but they aren’t sure how to map them out. Create a downloadable planning sheet to take out the guesswork. 

46. Private proofreading community: Set up a private Facebook group where writers can join, share their projects and give each other constructive feedback. 

47. Ebooks about writing: Similar to Jess Lourey’s VIP Reader newsletter below, you could create a book writing kit for your audience to download, detailing top methods and tips to get the first draft done. 

Writer digital product example

Thanks to the Internet, artists can not only sell physical products such as prints and canvases, but they can also share and sell their art online, via social media, Google, Amazon, Etsy, and anywhere else they like. Here are some of our favorite ideas. 

48. Painting video tutorials: Create a video series on how to paint. You could create different levels for different abilities. 

49. Drawing guides: Make a series of step-by-step PDF guides on how to draw. Your customers could have different themes to choose from, such as architecture, animals, or portraits. 

50. Designs: If you can sew, share the patterns online so that your audience can give it a go. Or if you’re an expert at sculpting, share the designs. 

51. 30-day email course: Teach your audience how to tap into their creativity and explore the creative process in a 30-day series of emails. 

52. Clip art pictures and symbols: Turn your art into computer icons that people can download and use on their own sites. 

53. Printable coloring sheets: Turn your artwork into a coloring sheet for customers to download and print. We love this Frida Kahlo coloring sheet, created by Fox + Hazel.

Artist digital product example

Take your expertise out of the salon and get it online! People love to know about top products, makeup techniques and the latest beauty advice. Here are some ideas: 

54. Home recipes for healthy skin: Create a downloadable ebook with home remedies for skincare. 

55. Hair and makeup tutorials: Video courses are crazy popular (YouTube registers over 700 million views of beauty-related content per month)! You could set up a subscription series, where customers receive a new tutorial every week. 

56. Certified courses: Let your customers become qualified beauty experts themselves! You could run an online course, just like the Institute of Makeup Artistry did in the example below. 

Makeup digital product example

If you work at a school or a kindergarten, or if you’re a parent, then you know the value of anything that will keep the (darling) little monsters entertained! With many families in lockdown, children’s games and resources are needed more than ever. Here are some ideas to try. 

57. Printable games and riddles: These could be games such as crosswords, word searches, mazes or join the dots. 

58. Kids’ audiobooks: Write a short story and record yourself (or a voiceover artist) reading it, then sell it as an audiobook. Perfect for children to listen to in the car, or before bedtime. 

59. Virtual field trips and activities: In the example below, The Thinking Kid organized virtual sessions on Aesop’s fables, circus tricks and Mars. 

Childcare digital product example

Calling all chefs, cooks and food-lovers! Share your culinary knowledge and experiences with the world, using these hot digital product ideas.

60. Nutrition plans: As we grow more health-conscious, everyone is on the lookout for wholesome and nutritious meal plans. 

61. Recipe ebooks: Don’t keep your recipes a secret! Create an ebook and share the joy with your customers, like This Savory Vegan.

Food digital product example

Musicians can access a huge market thanks to the Internet. 70% of internet users will listen to music streaming services each month—and so the demand for music digital products is high! 

62. Downloadable songs: Sell your songs online, with different pricing for personal use or commercial use. 

63. Ringtones: Create unique ringtones that your audience can download. 

64. Sound effects: Sell sound effects to video and music creators. 

65. Voiceovers: Create downloadable premade voiceovers. 

66. Instrumental tracks: Build a gallery of instrumental tracks for people to buy. 

67. Beats: Check out this website by Bradkinsbeats, who has set up an e-commerce platform to sell beats. 

Music digital product example

Get your customers’ heart rates pumping with these fun digital product ideas! You could also share teasers of your workout videos and meal plans on your social media account, to attract new customers. 

68. Weekly workout video subscription: Release a new workout video every week to keep your customers on their toes! 

69. Meal-prep plans: Give your clients a little help in the kitchen, with some healthy recipes and meal plans. You could share them weekly in a PDF, or put everything together into an ebook. 

70. Workout plans: Fitness and nutrition coach Dorota created this 8-week program, aimed at busy moms who want to live a healthier lifestyle, complete with a private Facebook group and workout videos.

Personal trainer digital product example

A photographers’ skillset is highly sought after in pretty much every field you could imagine; meaning that the opportunities are limitless! Whether you specialize in weddings, business events or cat food advertisements, you can create some pretty awesome digital products on the side. 

71. Photoshop presets and filters: Help your customers to find the perfect look for their social media page or website, with premade presets and filters. 

72. Stock photos: Michelle Buchanan delivers stock images into her clients’ inboxes every month, which is a great incentive and advertisement for them to invest in her services. Remember, free products could help you to make a sale later!

Photography digital product example

Video content is one of the most popular digital products. So if you’re a videographer, you should definitely think about selling some of these digital goods. 

73. Short films: You could sell premade short films to festivals, or free watch sites like YouTube or Vimeo, if you want to build a following. 

74. Video animation intros: YouTubers will go crazy for premade introduction templates which they can add to their videos. 

75. Stock video: Maybe you filmed a battle reenactment or footage of a rare animal. Other videographers will be keen to get their mitts on them, so why not sell it as stock footage?

76. Videography tutorials: Show beginner videographers how you got started, what equipment you use, and the best filming techniques in your field. 

77. LUTs and presets: Check out the example below from Jeven Dovey, who sells preset video colors that other videographers can use.

Videography digital product example

Are you feeling inspired? We definitely are. And luckily for you, we have the perfect tool to help you get started! At MailerLite, we integrate with the popular payment processing software, Stripe. This allows you to set up one-time and recurring digital product (subscription) purchases on your MailerLite website or landing pages. Check out this article on how to sell digital products and subscriptions with MailerLite to learn more! Go on, we dare you. 

Well, there you have it! We’ve raced through a grand total of 77 ideas for your next digital product. Today’s the day you create your digital product and generate passive income!

What are your favorite digital product ideas?

Jonas Fischer
Jonas Fischer
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