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Our values

What we believe in.

1. We focus on people

We show our human side in everything we do and always treat our customers as people, not faceless users. Our decisions are based on what's best for the customer and the business, together.

We support and empower each other to do our best work. It's about building a stronger team so we can serve our customers better. 

We’re a proud multicultural team of self-aware, conscientious people who value the creative power of our cultural differences.

2. We learn and transform

We seek out customer feedback and listen to alternative perspectives so that we can make connections others might miss, ensuring we’re constantly growing, improving, and adding value.

We strengthen our team’s potential by offering constructive and actionable feedback to our teammates, sharing knowledge, and providing the resources and space to thrive.

3. We simplify

We build the most user-friendly tools possible so that any customer at any skill level can create advanced solutions that help them grow.

We focus on results, removing obstacles and simplifying processes so people work smarter not harder.

We experiment and take calculated risks using a simple LITE calculation (Long-term value, Impact on customers, Time needed, and Expenses).

4. We take responsibility

We’re responsible for our customers’ success and believe in complete transparency like informing them when there is an issue.

We know that it matters when we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down. We own our projects and fix mistakes as fast as possible because thousands of people around the world trust us with their business.

We take care of our well-being by managing our workloads, taking time off to recharge, and supporting each other when someone is in need.

5. We’re positive

We approach every customer interaction with a positive mindset. That doesn’t mean we sugar-coat uncomfortable conversations, but instead, we work hard to resolve negative situations.

We understand that sometimes we have to agree to disagree to do what is best for our customers and to move forward as a unified team.

We have a growth mentality, always focusing on solutions that will lead to positive outcomes.

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