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Our values

What we believe in.

1. We focus on people

Yes, please:

  • We believe that stories unite people and encourage team members to share them.

  • We’re a proud multicultural team that listens, respects, and seeks to understand different points of view.

  • We find that self-aware, conscious people make better colleagues. Personality tests and “How to work with me” statements help us self-reflect and understand other people’s communication styles.

  • We treat everyone equally. Let’s say your greeting style is a handshake, then all colleagues will get one.

  • We use photos of real team members on our websites and social media.

  • We’re a human-to-human company and envision the people that might buy from us. Our decisions start with customer conversations and understanding how we can help.

  • Our support team is leading the way with empathy and plays into the emotion of the client they’re helping.

  • We turn on our cameras when we attend meetings.

No thanks:

  • We don’t hide behind stock images or fake reviews—it’s all really us.

  • We don’t overwhelm with information but guide customers on how to best use our products with relevant, valuable content.

2. We learn and transform

Yes, please:

  • We love our job and are curious about our field.

  • We seek alternative perspectives, strive to understand customers and make connections that others might miss.

  • Any idea we believe in is worth a try. We use the learning wheel to experiment, learn, and transform. Team leads make sure the wheels are always turning!

  • We have team leads that follow market trends and share any knowledge that helps our business make successful bets.

  • We answer every question—even the seemingly strange ones—and listen to all suggestions. If it’s not useful, we clearly and kindly explain why.

No thanks:

  • We don’t bet on the status quo—the same tactics won’t always work.

  • We don’t stop learning once we master a skill. Every field gets wider once you go deeper.

  • We don’t blame the market or competitors for our unsatisfactory results.

3. We simplify

Yes, please:

  • We create advanced products to keep up with customers’ needs—yet take extra steps to ensure our tool’s functionalities are easy to use.

  • We focus on tasks that will have the biggest impact on engaging customers, growing business, and motivating the team.

  • We give context and allow people to make their own decisions, skipping bureaucracy and approvals from different level managers.

  • We prefer the simplest and fastest way to get things done. 

  • We focus on results over process.

  • We’re remote-first because there is no one place in the world where all the best talent lives.

  • We invite only relevant people to meetings and record presentations for others.

  • We communicate asynchronously to stay productive (aim to reply within 24 hours).

  • We encourage our team to learn by initiatives like our bi-annual Remote Fair, where all teams share what bets they made and the outcomes.

No thanks:

  • We don’t continue things that aren’t working.

  • We don’t work just to work but to impact our team, products, and community.

  • We know that perfect products don't exist and are on this journey together, ever-improving how we work and what we create.

4. We take responsibility

Yes, please:

  • We accomplish amazing work that matters #lovemyjob.

  • We’re responsible for our customers’ success and believe in transparency, like informing them when there is an issue.

  • We consistently turn our ideas into bets to implement. Team members are there for input and feedback, but ultimately, you own the bet.

  • We know that it matters when we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down. We own and fix mistakes as fast as possible because thousands of people around the world trust us with their business.

  • We think that leadership isn’t a position, but action and example. Everyone’s a leader!

  • We’re responsible for our own professional growth.

  • We take care of our physical and mental well-being by choosing the best work environment and knowing when to recharge.

No thanks:

  • We don’t present ideas that we don’t plan to contribute to and see-through.

  • We don’t stay silent if we disagree and have the experience or knowledge to make a better decision.

  • We’re not here to please the boss but to grow together.

  • We don’t complain or gossip about our team. Instead, we bring up worrisome things that need discussing.

  • We don’t make excuses. Every result is a combination of a challenge and your responsibility (response + ability).

5. We’re positive

Yes, please:

  • We have a growth mindset and constantly learn and apply new ideas.

  • We follow market news and see opportunities.

  • We consistently demonstrate strong performance so colleagues can rely on us.

  • We’re inspired by other people’s successes. We notice small and big wins, write public compliments and spread joy.

  • We help others grow with constructive and actionable feedback, using the “Stop, Start, Continue” approach. The recipient can decide to accept or reject this feedback.

  • We’re aware of the words we use to communicate, both internally and externally. For example, saying “I have a problem” is limiting while “I have a challenge” motivates you to find creative solutions.

No thanks:

  • We don’t say “can’t” but focus on what can be done. Being positive means addressing issues and thinking of ways to improve every situation.

  • We don’t sweep a goal under the rug when we don't reach it. Instead, we treat it as a growth opportunity, reflect, and share our learnings.

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