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Send transactional emails

Your Lite option: MailerSend

Growing businesses need a transactional email service to send emails like invoices, order updates and password resets. You’ll love MailerSend! It shares the same DNA with MailerLite, including its intuitive design, award-winning deliverability, and fair pricing.

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What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are notification emails triggered by the recipient, such as an order confirmation or account verification. Because they are timely and valuable, people expect them immediately.

Flexible email integration

Pick from the email API or SMTP server to integrate emails into your apps, using official SDKs for popular programming languages along with clean API documentation.

Easy to use email editors

Use the drag & drop editor to create responsive email templates that look good on any device. Or customize them with the rich-text and HTML editor to match your brand.

Inbound email receiving

Set up inbound email routes to parse incoming messages and send them to your app, creating two-way conversations between you and your recipients.

No-code email workflows

Connect MailerSend to other web apps using Zapier, creating automated email workflows that ensure people receive timely and relevant emails along their customer journey.

Real-time analytics

View and monitor sending activity to gain the insights you need to optimize your emails. Webhooks deliver real-time information, while the advanced search tool helps you find emails or recipients quickly.

Transactional emails for teams

Intuitively-designed for both marketers and developers, MailerSend allows product teams of all sizes to work together on transactional emails. You can now deliver customer messages on time with a trusted transactional email service provider.

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Send 3,000 transactional emails per month for FREE or go all-in with a Premium plan

  • Email API, SMTP relay, webhooks
  • Drag & drop template builder
  • Multiple sending domains
  • Inbound email routes
  • Suppression list management
  • Tracking and email analytics
  • 24/7 live chat support

Starts at $30 /month

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