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We recommend MailerSend—a transactional email service that was born out of 10+ years of email deliverability experience. Make the process of sending transactional emails more simplified, intuitive and team-friendly!

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails enable companies to send notifications that are triggered by the recipient. Typical use cases include password resets, order confirmations, welcome emails, new account creation, billing notices, two-factor authentication, and more.

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Reliable sending infrastructure

MailerSend automatically manages the entire delivery process to give your emails the best chance of landing in that inbox. Send email loads of any size and scale quickly from a few to a few million emails.

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Team-friendly transactional email

Free up time for your developers by letting your entire team contribute. MailerSend simplifies the process of creating and managing transactional emails so everyone can get involved. Work smarter with team collaboration.

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Personalize emails on a mass scale

Use the drag & drop or HTML editors with dynamic email templates to create a bulk load of transactional messages that are automatically personalized for each recipient.

Emails get delivered

MailerSend handles all interferences, bounces and other email delivery hurdles. Our email deliverability experts continuously adjust to new policies that ensure your emails reach that inbox.

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Real-time email analytics

View and track email activity in detail to gain the insights you need to optimize your emails. Event webhooks deliver real-time information, while the advanced search tool helps you find emails or recipients quickly.

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You’re always supported

MailerSend is backed by the award-winning support team that helps customers succeed. They’re available around the clock to assist you whenever you have a question or problem.

MailerSend sign-up is free

Give it a try! The free plan includes access to the most important features along with 12,000 free emails per month (then only pay for what you send). Sign up in seconds.

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