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Transactional email service

Send email & SMS notifications to your customers

Fast, reliable email delivery for your website or app that’s easy to integrate via API or SMTP. Supported by comprehensive documentation and award-winning customer support.

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What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are automated emails sent based on an action or trigger performed in a system or app, like making a purchase or requesting a password reset. They typically contain personalized information unique to the recipient. As transactional emails are a crucial part of the customer experience, they require timely and reliable delivery.

Flexible email API

Create advanced integrations with the simple, flexible email API accompanied by official SDKs for popular programming languages. Get access to features such as templates, inbound routing and advanced email tracking.

Plug & play with SMTP

Quickly start sending emails—no coding needed. Simply enter your SMTP server credentials to get started and create up to 5 SMTP users per domain. Use plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento for quick, reliable email sending.

Custom template options

Choose from the rich gallery of professionally designed templates for all your transactional email needs. Easily build and edit templates with user-friendly drag & drop, rich-text and HTML email builders.

Team-friendly app

The intuitive app and simple role management is built for whole teams to collaborate. Developers can work on technical implementation while non-technical team members can contribute to email design, accounting and more.

No-code email workflows

Save time and connect to thousands of other apps using pre-built automations from Zapier, Make and Integrately. Create automated email workflows for timely email delivery without the need for coding. 

Advanced analytics and real-time activity

View and monitor sending activity to gain the insights you need to optimize your emails. Webhooks deliver real-time information, while the advanced search tool helps you find emails or recipients quickly.

Instant webhook notifications

Use webhooks to receive real-time activity notifications and create custom workflows triggered by the events of your choice. Get instant push updates without constantly polling the API.

Experts in transactional email delivery

Our transactional email platform is built with a robust sending infrastructure that can handle millions of requests, even during peak times. Plus, with 13+ years of email deliverability experience, we know what it takes to reach the inbox. 

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  • Email API, SMTP relay, webhooks
  • Drag & drop template builder
  • Multiple sending domains
  • Inbound email routes
  • Suppression list management
  • Tracking and email analytics
  • 24/7 live chat support

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Dynamic email templates

Send personalized transactional messages to your entire customer base with a single email template. Easily populate emails with dynamic data such as order details, customer information and account activity


Send high-volume, toll-free transactional text messages quickly and easily with the flexible SMS API. Send 2FAs, OTPs, shipping updates, appointment reminders and more via SMS. Currently available in the US & Canada.

One account, all emails

No need for multiple accounts. Use SSO to create a single account for managing your marketing campaigns and transactional emails.

Award-winning email & live chat support

24/7 access to a friendly and knowledgable technical support team. Whether you need assistance with the email API, advanced features or troubleshooting, help is just a click away. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a separate account to use MailerSend?

Thanks to SSO with MailerLite, you can use a single account to access and manage emails on both MailerLite and MailerSend. 

Can I try transactional email sending for free?

Sure! When you sign up, you’ll get a trial domain that you can use to send up to 100 emails and test MailerSend’s capabilities. If you’re happy, you can add your own domain and send up to 3,000 emails per month for free.

What is the difference between transactional emails and email marketing?

Marketing email campaigns are commercial in nature and contain promotional messaging. They are often sent in bulk and scheduled by the sender. Transactional emails are triggered by a customer or user’s activity on your website or app, for example, making a purchase. They contain important information relating to the activity, such as an order confirmation email. Learn more about the differences between transactional emails vs. marketing emails.

What are the types of transactional emails?

Types of transactional emails include order confirmations, shipping notifications, 2FA (2-factor authentication), OTP (one-time passwords), password reset emails, appointment reminders, invoice emails, welcome emails, account creations, subscription upgrades, account verifications, notification emails, account activity overviews and more. Learn more about transactional emails

Why use transactional emails?

Transactional emails are a vital component of customer communication, offering a reliable and efficient way to relay information, build relationships, and optimize overall user experience. They help to build trust with customers by providing confirmation and updates regarding interactions with a business. What’s more, they also help businesses to automate certain processes, increase engagement, and keep compliant. 

Do transactional emails need an unsubscribe link?

No, as transactional emails do not require opt-in consent, are not promotional in nature, and fall under the lawful base of legitimate interest, they don’t need an unsubscribe link. 

Do I need consent to send transactional emails?

Transactional emails fall under the scope of legitimate interest, meaning that as long as your transactional messages do not contain any marketing material and are relevant to the customer's use of your app, service, e-commerce store, or website, you do not need consent to send them.