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Preference center

Subscribers select preferences

Watch email engagement go to the moon when you target based on subscriber preferences. Let people self-select how they interact with your emails including sending frequency, timing, and content topics.

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Update key subscriber preferences

Email address

Let subscribers update their email address and all information like custom fields will be transferred to the new address.

Personal details

Let subscribers add details like city, country, and profession, enabling you to send more personalized content.

Interest groups

Let subscribers select their interests so you can send relevant content to each interest group. You’ll know exactly what they want!

Cadence and timing

Let subscribers choose how often they will receive your emails and at a time that they prefer. The right email at the right time!

Create preferences surveys

Gather valuable subscriber insights using our dynamic survey block, which performs actions based on what the subscriber chooses. You can then update custom fields, or add subscribers to groups.

Match your brand design

Our preference center builder includes 8 blocks, 3 pages, and loads of design options. You can edit fonts and colors to match your brand and align your domain. 

Stay GDPR compliant

All changes and new information must be confirmed via email. Subscribers will have logs and proof of subscription of new email addresses and of the content they select.

Track subscriber preferences

Easily access new activity within your subscriber management dashboard. You can see the most updated preferences in real-time.

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