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Why Lite

People often ask why we’re called MailerLite, especially since we offer powerful solutions that are far from “lite” versions. Lite is more than part of our name, it’s our way of thinking.

The dictionary defines Lite as “Denoting a simpler or less challenging version of a particular thing.” We believe in a customer-friendly approach that removes complexity while still offering advanced features.

Everything we do at MailerLite is designed to provide intuitive solutions for complicated tasks. Here’s how we keep it Lite in every aspect of our business.

Keeping it Lite means clean design with intuitive functionality

We create products with advanced functionality to keep up with our customers’ needs, yet we take extra steps to ensure our tools are easy for you to use.

Keeping it Lite means serving our customers first

Our entire business approach focuses on meeting the needs of our existing customers. Therefore, we invest in things that help them succeed, like 24/7 live support and new features people actually want and need to grow their business.

Mailerlite is so well designed, it is logical and light, not complicated and at the same time it can do everything you need to manage your online contacts.

Annemie D Customer, via

They keep on releasing new features quite often to ensure that most (if not all) our email marketing needs are met with ML itself.

Suren A Customer, via

Keeping it Lite means helping customers grow together

There is strength in numbers, so we make it easy for our customers to connect and help each other. People can join community groups, become a MailerLite expert to advise and support others or find an expert in our directory when they need help.

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Keeping it Lite means removing the limitations

There’s no one place in the world where all the best talent lives. So we made our office location wherever people are happiest. We simplified finding the best talent around the world by becoming a remote-first company. Currently, we’re 96 people spread over 16 countries.

Keeping it Lite seems to be working

We’re sticking to our values and enjoying every minute!

Recognized as fastest growing and most searched by SaaSworthy

92% recommended MailerLite to a friend or a colleague on GetApp

One of the most popular email marketing software tools by Capterra

Named one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world by SaaS Mag

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