What’s New in MailerLite

The latest product news and updates from MailerLite in one place.

Fall 2018

Fall brings us new important features that will help your newsletter look better.

New drag & drop editor

The editor was completely reimagined to help non-designers improve their newsletters.

Dynamic content and social media blocks

Enables you to add pieces of content to a larger email that are only visible to certain subscribers.

Make your own templates

Instead of just offering you pre-designed templates, we thought some of you would love the possibility of creating your own templates.

Other Updates

New security options

Our newest updates add an extra layer of security for your landing pages and forms with the implementation of reCAPTCHA.

Pop-up options for desktop and mobile

Our new pop-up setting allows you to select different pop-ups for mobile devices and desktop devices.

Event Announcement block

Pre-built fields and an RSVP button that adds subscribers to a selected group automatically.

Signature block

To help you put your personal stamp on emails, we’ve created a clever Digital Signature block that lets you sign your emails.

Instagram Social Media Block

You can now embed Instagram posts in your newsletter using the drag & drop editor.

Summer 2018

Summer brings us more security for your MailerLite account and a more powerful file manager.

File Manager revamped to include Google Drive, Giphy and Unsplash

See how new integrations with Google Drive, Giphy and Unsplash transform your file manager into a tool for creating better newsletters.

MailerLite app for Shopify updated

Our new advanced features will improve your email marketing with better automation, targeting and sales tracking capabilities.

Other Updates

RSS-to-Email updated

RSS-to-Email feature takes your new content, automatically inserts it into an email, and sends it to your subscribers in a scheduled email that you control.

New MailerLite WordPress Plugin

The Featured Image in RSS Feed by MailerLite for WordPress automatically adds featured images of your posts into the RSS feed.

Two-factor authentication

MailerLite now offers all its users the option of two-factor authentication. An extra layer of security to keep your account safe.

Spring 2018

Many features that help to deal with GDPR.

New MailerLite GDPR features

New features that will help you comply with GDPR: right to be forgotten, proof of subscriber consent, identifying EU users.

GDPR compliant opt-in forms

Our new form feature now includes the tools you need to comply with these GDPR requirements.

Other Updates

Data Processing Agreement

We created our Data Processing Agreement to cover the GDPR requirements as they relate to email marketing.

Winter 2017 - 2018

The winter season is full of new integrations.

New subscriber segmentation

Our goal for building the New Segments was to make segmentation easy, fast and powerful at the same time.

MailerLite plugin for WooCommerce

Give your customers the option to subscribe to your emails at checkout. Sync data about their orders and send targeted campaigns.

Other Updates

Integration with landing page builder Carrd

Carrd enables you to create beautiful, fully responsive single-page sites that you can use to collect email addresses and much more.