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What’s new in MailerLite?

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Integrations with Squarespace, Figma & Adobe Express

3 brand-new integrations: Squarespace, Figma and Adobe Express are here to make your email and website design a whole lot simpler.

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Multivariate testing

Optimize campaigns faster by running more tests at the same time! Multivariate testing lets you compare 3 variables at the same time.

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Smart sending powered by AI

Automatically send perfectly-timed emails to individual subscribers when they’re most likely to engage. Emails are sent using AI to determine the best send time for each recipient.

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MailerLite Subscribe iOS app

You can now synchronize forms across multiple devices. Create and use forms on one device and have them immediately available on all your other devices.

Progress bar for timezone campaign

After a timezone campaign is sent out for the first subscriber, it's marked as sent and starts showing a progress bar until it's finished.

New templates

Check out our 13 newest design templates to help you boost engagement including: Multiple choice surveys, Notification newsletters, New Year celebrations, and many more. Check them out!

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MailerLite WooCommerce Plugin updates

  • We've added translation support, so now our app is compatible with plugins like WPML.

  • Improved compatibility for older versions.

MailerLite Manager iOS app updates

  • Improved the performance of the Subscribers’ section.

  • MailerLite Manager iOS app now includes a new report for campaigns making it possible to see stats based on the location data with a map and list of countries.

Drag & drop email builder improvements

  • Added Nunito font.

  • Increased max amount of icons in the Social Links block from 5 to 10.

  • Fixed quiz results design issue.

  • Enabled the HTML button in the toolbars of all inline text elements.

Campaign Review and Schedule step updates

Recipients included or excluded in a campaign are now defined clearer than before at the Review and Schedule step.