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What's included in migration assistance?

We offer a comprehensive migration service backed by over 10 years of experience. This includes importing your subscriber lists, custom fields and tags, recreating signup forms, rebuilding automation workflows and more.

Up to 15,000 subscribers More than 15,000 subscribers
Import subscriber lists, custom fields and tags Yes Yes
Recreate signup forms Yes Yes
Rebuild automation workflows Yes Yes
Recreate email templates Yes Yes
Create account users Yes Yes
Authenticate domain Yes Yes
Full account setup review before first campaign Yes Yes
Priority live chat with a dedicated support member Yes Yes
Expected turnaround 2 - 4 weeks 2 - 4 weeks
Migration price 100$ Free
Migrate Migrate

Common migration questions

Much of the timing depends on the number of lists (or tags), follow-up sequences, subscriber sources and automations you currently have. Usually the migration takes 2 up to 4 weeks.

Each migration will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis and we’ll provide you with an estimated timeframe beforehand. If your migration is complex or there are many automations, emails and forms to recreate, we might need your help to make sure things are up and running by your migration’s close date.

Note: It’s usually best to let currently active subscribers finish the workflow in your old tool, and let new subscribers start the MailerLite workflow. There's no feasible way to stop your current subscribers mid-sequence, import them to MailerLite and have them start from where they’d left off.

We’ll only import active contacts that have opted-in. These are contacts that aren't unsubscribed, bounced or purchased. If you have an email list with contacts to exclude (blacklist), we'll add your exclusion list to your MailerLite account.

See our Terms of Use for clarification on what constitutes opt-in contacts.

It can happen that each one of the providers has its own functionalities and therefore some things can’t be migrated in exactly the same way. When this occurs, we’ll make a note and let you know.

Our migration service doesn’t include custom coding. If you use custom coding, please hire an external developer to code this for you. We will migrate everything else.

Before you can send emails again, we’ll ask for your assistance to review your account (domain authentication, sender address, email content and other details). This way, we can both be sure you’re good to go.

During the migration process you can always get on-the-go consultation by using our live chat or reaching out to your dedicated Customer Support Manager.

Sure! Watch our video tutorials or browse the many help articles to get more information about MailerLite and how to migrate your data.

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If you need any additional help or get stuck at any point, feel free to contact our support team. We’re here 24/7 to provide assistance!

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