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Hiring journey

As a global and remote team, our interview process is less traditional. We prefer to get creative and have fun, which means ditching resumes and cover letters. And it works! Over the years, we’ve received amazing applications and hired talented people from around the world.

Here’s what you can expect when applying to MailerLite.

What to expect

While this process is how we hire new team members 90% of the time, our approach can slightly differ from time to time. We’ll always make sure to clearly inform you about the next steps and expectations.


Complete the application. Let us know how great you are!


Show your skills by completing a task.

HR interview

Tell us about yourself and ask questions via Zoom.

Lead interview

Talk with your future team lead in a 1:1 Zoom call.

Final decision

We'll let you know if you got the job!

Round 1


You can apply directly on our company website or via any of the job platforms where you've come across our position. No matter which route you take, you'll find yourself at our application form. This is your chance to let your real self shine through. We're excited to discover more about you.

Make sure to highlight the important skills for the job, but most importantly, just be yourself.

What to expect:

  • You’ll be sent a notification via email once we’ve successfully received your application

  • We normally review applications within a week. Please send us a quick email if we take longer

  • You can always expect an update, whether you’re through to the next round or not. We receive a remarkable number of applications, and while we are unable to provide detailed feedback in the initial stages, please know that each application is valued and carefully considered

Round 2


Let us see your magic! If we decide to move forward with the process, we’ll send a test assignment for you to complete. This is not only a chance for you to showcase your expertise, but also a way for us to assess how well your skills align with the demands of the role.

Kindly keep in mind that the necessary skills will be evaluated within this assessment. We can't wait to see your work!

What to expect:

  • We don’t have a defined format for tasks, they’re uniquely created for each position

  • Each task will have its own completion deadline and you'll be notified about this when you receive the task

  • The team leader will check and evaluate your task and provide feedback in case we decide not to move forward

Round 3

HR interview

If we think we could make a great team, we'll set up a friendly chat with our hiring team (chances are, it's with Izabella). This conversation is a chance for us to get to know each other better. Feel free to come with questions, be yourself, and just relax.

All our chats are recorded, Zoom will ask for your permission when you join the call.

What to expect:

  • We'll confirm that your technical skills match what the job needs

  • We'll check if our company values align with yours.

  • We'll answer any questions you might have

Round 4

Team Lead interview

If our hiring team believes you could be a great match for the role, we'll extend an invitation for a follow-up conversation.

During this stage, you'll have the opportunity to engage in a more in-depth discussion with the team leader or manager, delving into the role's responsibilities and expectations.

What to expect:

  • You'll have a chance to connect with your potential future team leader

  • You'll gain a deeper insight into the role's intricacies

  • You'll be encouraged to clarify any questions you might have

Final decision

If we’re a match for each other, we’ll happily invite you to join our team!

We value each application, yet it’s not always possible to give detailed feedback if you do not receive an offer. We will always make an effort to provide constructive feedback that you can use for future job applications.

What to expect:

  • If you’re THE one, we’ll send you an offer and make it official and off to explore the world.

  • If you’re not the one (this time), we’ll inform you and everyone else who is still in the running.

  • We close the position.

Think you'd be a good fit for MailerLite?

If you feel that this might be something you’re looking for, please check out our jobs page and let’s talk!