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Email surveys

Learn what subscribers think

Subscribers are your best source of information. Create free email surveys in a few clicks. Allow subscribers to start surveys within the email and seamlessly collect data and insights to optimize campaigns.

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Create email surveys with drag & drop

Say goodbye to third-party email survey tools. The drag & drop editor makes it easy to build custom surveys with pre-built blocks, design settings and templates.

Gain insights with email polls

Get more responses with fun and engaging polls, and collect valuable tidbits of information that you can save for later. It’s a quick way to gather feedback and engage subscribers without registration or third-party websites.

Choose an email survey template

Create professional surveys and save time with pre-built survey email templates designed for optimal subscriber experience. Choose from customer satisfaction, NPS, multiple-choice, like/dislike, and open-ended questions.

Design surveys to fit your brand

Match your brand style in newsletter surveys to keep your look and message consistent across all channels. Impress subscribers with professionally designed templates, and customize the colors, images and layout.

Set custom survey rules

Apply custom rules to create dynamic surveys that perform actions based on subscribers’ choices. Skip questions automatically, update a custom field, or add subscribers to email groups for more targeted emails.

Analyze survey results

Check the results in reports directly when subscribers finish the survey. Review individual answers or in aggregate. Manage everything in MailerLite!

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Our free plan includes access to the most important features including embedded surveys, landing pages, email automation and more.

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Frequently asked questions
Can you embed a survey into an email?

Yes, using our survey block, an interactive survey can easily be added to your campaigns. However, the survey will open in a browser tab when clicked, since email inboxes often do not support the surveys being opened within the email itself.

Can you do a survey in MailerLite?

Yes, we offer both surveys and quizzes as options for your newsletters.

How do I add surveys to MailerLite?

To add a survey to your newsletter created in MailerLite, simply drag and drop the survey block into your newsletter.

How do I create a survey on a landing page?

Create a landing page in MailerLite, and add your Survey block by dragging the Survey block from the sidebar and dropping it onto your landing page. For more details on adding a survey to your landing page, check out our article on how to create a landing page survey.