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Survey and quiz blocks (embed survey or quiz in email newsletter)

The opinions of your customers are worth gold! Let them tell you how they feel by inserting survey blocks in your emails. The survey block lets you easily add surveys to any newsletter and view the results straight in the MailerLite app.

First, we will create a new campaign. In the second step in the template gallery, select Survey from the dropdown menu. Here’s where we prepared survey templates for you. Of course, you can also start from scratch (which is what we’ll do in this tutorial).

Use the drag & drop editor and click on Survey from the dropdown menu on the upper left. Now drag the survey block to the right place in your newsletter. When readers click on the blue button, they will be redirected to a browser where they’ll see the rest of the survey.

Click on the block to create your survey. Choose different questions — anything from satisfaction scores, like/dislikes, net promoter score or open questions. You’re free to stack the questions, delete them or change the order. For each question, you can also change the icon shape and colors (for example, use a heart emoji instead of a thumbs up) and add descriptions and labels.

Under the tab Rules, you can add rules related to behavior. For example, if someone answers that they’re satisfied, you can set a rule to add this subscriber to a specific group (e.g. Engaged). Or, you can set a rule that when a subscriber gives a specific answer, they’ll skip a question or immediately go to the end of the survey.

Once the survey email is sent, you can check the results in the survey report. By clicking on a certain answer, you’ll see a list of everyone that participated in your survey. You can also check the results for individual subscribers by selecting a specific subscriber. In their subscriber profile, you will find the tab Survey Responses, that shows the individual response to each answered survey question.

To learn more, you can read this article on how to add a survey to a campaign.

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