Event countdown emails

Hosting an event? What better way to get your readers excited then to send out an event countdown email sequence! Today you’ll learn how.

Let’s start by clicking on Campaigns and then Create campaign. Fill in the campaign name and click Next. For this example, we will use the Weekly News template from the template gallery. In the first email of your sequence, you can communicate important information and how many days are left until the event. In the next step, choose the right segment or group. The group should be the one related to the signup form on the event page. Then, instead of sending your campaign immediately, choose the Send later option. Schedule your campaign a bit before the event (for example two weeks).

For the second email, copy the one you just made from the drafts folder. Or, create a new campaign and choose the email in the Email design step (we prefer the first copying method). In this follow-up email, you don’t need to change much apart from the text that mentions the days left until the event. After choosing the subscribers, you can schedule the email to be sent out closer to the event date (for example one week).

You can repeat this process as often as needed. The good thing is that you can already set up the email sequence way before the event is coming up. You’ll thank yourself later!