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How to embed video in your emails

Your readers will love videos in their newsletter. In this video, you’ll learn how to add animation to your video thumbnail (as that’s currently what is possible, not all inbox providers are able to play videos in emails yet).

You can now add a video block in campaigns created in the Drag & drop editor and the Rich-text editor.

Create a new campaign, give it a name and subject, and choose the editor you want to use.

On the left side panel, look for the video block.

In the Content tab, you can add the video URL from a platform like YouTube. Click the green arrow to confirm. Now you can choose how to display the video, either as a static image or as an animated GIF. You can also upload your own image if you don’t like the default one.

The video link field indicates where the user will be taken after clicking on your video block. It’s linked to the video source by default, but you can use the option Links to custom link to redirect the user elsewhere.

In the Settings tab you can customize the background of your video block and select a different style Play button.

Tip: A play button usually generates more clicks than any other CTA!

You might also be interested in this knowledge base article which explores how to embed a video in a newsletter.

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