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Which version of MailerLite am I using?

In 2022, a brand new version of MailerLite was released that features both an updated interface and an infrastructure designed to support advanced features. All accounts created after March 2022 will be using the new version. Accounts created before this date will using our previous version, which we have renamed MailerLite Classic.  

While most features are the same across both versions, the location of certain settings will vary. Because of this, our support articles have been divided to cover the two versions.

Check your account Dashboard. You will notice that MailerLite Classic accounts feature a green horizontal navigation bar at the top of the screen. While the new MailerLite accounts have a vertical navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Here you can see the interface of both versions: 

MailerLite Classic


MailerLite Classic clients can choose to keep using their accounts, or migrate to the new MailerLite. The two versions will continue working simultaneously. 

To discover all of the features the new MailerLite has to offer, check out our comparison page, MailerLite vs MailerLite Classic.

When referencing our Knowledge Base, you will notice two different tabs to switch between for some articles. If you are using MailerLite Classic, simply choose the Classic tab. New MailerLite instructions will be shown by default under the New tab. If you notice that an article does not have the option to switch tabs, it means the information shown is the same for both versions of MailerLite.

For more information, please see Introducing the new MailerLite: What’s new (+ FAQ).

For instructions on how to migrate your MailerLite Classic account information and data to New MailerLite, see How to migrate from MailerLite Classic to New MailerLite.

Last time edited: Feb 21, 2023