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Introducing the new MailerLite: What’s new (+ FAQ)

Ignas Rubezius Ignas Rubezius
· 14 min read · Updates · Mar 22, 2022

The wait is over! After two years of development, we’re excited to announce that the new MailerLite has launched.

We built the new version of MailerLite from the ground up with a future-ready infrastructure that makes the user experience lightning fast and allows us to add new features quickly.

Earlier this month, we announced the new version of MailerLite to prepare everyone and provide an opportunity to ask questions. We read through all the feedback, questions and hoorays—and we truly appreciated each one! Today, we will address them in this article and FAQ.

Let’s start by taking a look at all the enhancements and new features so you’ll understand why we’re so hyped about having you use it!

Check out the most recent updates

Thousands of happy users have been using the new version of MailerLite since it launched in March 2022. Check out all the recent upgrades and features that will elevate your email marketing.

The first thing people say after trying the new MailerLite is, “Wow it’s so fast!”  

While we would have loved to improve the speed and scalability of our platform with a few simple adjustments, the best solution was to build a new MailerLite infrastructure from scratch—a project that took 2 years to complete.

“Our new technology stack will scale along as your business scales. By partnering with Google Cloud with a long-term deal and implementing the latest development and infrastructure technologies, we can provide a more reliable and smoother experience.”
- Nikola, CTO at MailerLite

We want you to see the new version in action and experience how much faster everything is. You’ll be able to create newsletters, automations, landing pages, websites, etc. quickly and smoothly—making your work much more efficient and enjoyable!

The best way for you to experience the new speed of MailerLite is to give it a try! When you see it for the first time, you’ll also notice that the user interface has been redesigned. Let’s talk about why we made this change.

With the launch comes a fresh design! We kept our beloved minimalist aesthetic while improving how things are arranged within the MailerLite platform. As we continue to add more features and functionality over time, we want to make it easy for you to find everything.

The new design is sleek, straightforward and an absolute joy to work with!

The MailerLite dashboard

Our lead designer, Ignas, explains his vision behind the new MailerLite design: 

“The new design is all about accessibility and efficiency. We stuck to our values of keeping it Lite, which means making the UI more intuitive so you can find what you need quickly.”
- Ignas L., Designer at MailerLite

One last upgrade to mention is our new dark mode. You will now be able to work in dark mode if you prefer low-light settings or want to reduce eye strain during long work hours.

The MailerLite dashboard in dark mode
UI design features coming soon…
  1. Dark mode preview: Soon you’ll be able to preview how newsletters look in dark mode. In the meantime, you can send a test email and view it in dark mode on your email client.

Reporting is a big part of any successful marketing strategy, and we wanted to give you all the insights needed to continuously learn and improve, all within a dashboard that’s easy to understand.

The new reporting dashboard comes with a more detailed view of subscriber growth, signup form activity, automation performance and e-commerce conversion rates. These key performance areas are supported by visual graphs, charts and a list of top-performing assets to make the information easier to digest.

MailerLite dashboard with reporting
“The dashboard is designed so you can see all your important metrics in one place with visualizations that help you digest the data quickly. The reports help you make decisions that’ll improve your campaigns.”
- Deividas, Data Scientist at MailerLite
Reporting features coming soon…
  1. Custom date range reporting enables you to track how our campaigns perform and evolve over different time frames to see which strategies are worth repeating.

  2. Comparative reporting compiles data from different campaigns to help you identify patterns in engagement and to compare what works across emails.

  3. Downloadable PDF reports make it easy to share your campaign performance with others via email, social media or in a presentation.

Automation saves you time, and more importantly, it enables you to react to your audience in real-time when it is most relevant. With the new MailerLite, we’re excited to be adding more automation capabilities and new features that will help you grow faster. 

In addition to several upcoming campaign automation features (you can see some below), we are also offering other types of marketing automation that help you work faster and smarter.

For example, the new version of MailerLite has Facebook custom audiences that sync your subscriber segments with Facebook’s 2.7+ billion users and find the ones who have similar interests. You can then use Facebook advertising to show ads to people that are most like your subscribers.

New Mailerlite accounts on Advanced Plans can also take advantage of multi-trigger workflows, which let you set several triggers within one workflow so you can instantly react to a variety of subscriber actions. So you can now build one workflow with several triggers instead of having to create lots of workflows!

And the new E-commerce API allows you to connect with any store and use the synced customer information to set up targeted campaigns like abandoned cart automation, post-purchase emails, order tracking and product import. 

With the arrival of the Preference center, subscribers to decide which types of messages they want to receive from you. Your audience is automatically tagged with their choices so you can send the right types of content to them.

These types of advanced automation features are just the beginning of what we have in store for the future.

“Advanced marketing automation will help MailerLite customers stay one step ahead of their audiences so they can provide more value with timely and relevant interactions. We are excited to add even more features in the near future.”
- Gediminas, CPO at MailerLite
Automation features coming soon...
  1.  Predefined automation templates give you a jump start in building new workflows for all kinds of initiatives including re-engagement campaigns, events and upselling emails

  2. SMS implementation combines your email and SMS marketing. You’ll be able to send scheduled promotions, collect reviews and do a whole lot more using text messages.

MailerLite is an email marketing platform, and our main focus is to create features that drive your email marketing success. 

So why do we offer landing page and website builders, pop-ups and other features? 

Because email marketing connects your audience from so many other online channels like social media, community, and your website. Every digital marketing feature found in MailerLite is integrated with email marketing. This is intentional.

Let’s say you want to promote an upcoming webinar. With a MailerLite landing page, you can drag and drop an RSVP block on the page, link the signup form to a webinar subscriber group and connect a workflow to automatically send confirmation and reminder emails—all within one platform! If you built the landing page elsewhere, you would need to connect each action manually to make things run smoothly.

Every MailerLite feature supports you in getting the most out of your digital marketing. When you buy a Mailerlite plan, it’s for email marketing. These other bonus features that complement email marketing are added-value.

“The new MailerLite enables us to add new features quickly so you can expect a lot more exciting updates coming soon. Our product roadmap is filled with the most-requested features!”
- Migle, Product Manager at MailerLite

In addition to rebuilding the desktop version of MailerLite, we also rebuilt our two iOS mobile apps—the Mailerlite Manager app and the Subscribe app.

The MailerLite Manager app now lets you create, send and manage email campaigns on the go. Basically, all of the main email marketing functions you need are now on your iPhone and iPad.

MailerLite Manager iOS app

You can stay connected to your subscribers and monitor your campaign activity from anywhere. The new app lets you: 

  • Create rich-text emails. Compose new emails and send them from your mobile device. Choose fonts, styling and images.

  • Monitor campaign results. Track performance on your dashboard that includes email metrics, survey answers, e-commerce sales and new subscribers.

  • Preview and schedule campaigns. Access campaign and automation details, preview content and schedule or cancel campaigns.

  • Manage subscriber activity. View subscriber segments and interest groups. You can add new subscribers, or unsubscribe, delete or forget them when necessary.

  • Track pop-ups and forms. Check how your signup forms are performing and see which new subscribers came from each form.

  • Access your account. Take a look at your account settings, switch accounts, contact customer support and log out of an account all from your device.

With the MailerLite subscribe app, you can build signup forms directly on your iPad, and then collect leads online or offline. This iPad app is perfect for trade shows, events, retail environments and anywhere else you interact with your customers.

MailerLite iPad subscribe app
“Inspired by the new MailerLite, the iOS team set out to recreate our mobile apps with more functionality and speed. I'm especially proud of the Subscribe app, where we had to be quite creative in empowering users to build their own forms directly in the app.”
- Adam, iOS Developer at MailerLite

It’s important to remember that all MailerLite Classic customers can continue to work without interruption. There is no need to switch to the new MailerLite immediately.

If you want to try the new MailerLite now, we’ve made it easy for you with a single sign-on (SSO) feature. All you have to do is log in to your MailerLite Classic account and click the small icon next to “Plan and billing” on the top-right navigation to access the single sign-on page.

Select the new version and create your account. After you’ve created a new MailerLite account, every time you log in to MailerLite, you will automatically go to the single sign-on page where you can select which version of MailerLite you wish to work with.

MailerLite single sign-on

To switch versions, you simply click on that SSO icon in the top-right navigation.

At the moment, your current campaigns and subscriber data are only accessible in MailerLite Classic. We are currently working on migration tools so you can transfer all of your data to the new MailerLite. We will announce the release of the migration tools in the coming months.

The new MailerLite comes with a new pricing approach. 

Before we dive in, it’s important to remind all current MailerLite Classic customers that their pricing is not affected by this launch. MailerLite Classic will continue working simultaneously. 

Instead of basing the new prices solely on subscriber count, we learned through research and talking with customers that this number doesn’t always define the features and functionality a customer wants or needs. 

A better approach is to create plans around different business stages, and include features that are relevant to that specific stage.

The new MailerLite includes four different plans:

  1. Forever Free 

  2. Growing Business

  3. Advanced 

  4. Enterprise

The pricing structure might look different, but it is actually more straightforward than our previous approach. The new pricing avoids the separate add-ons and bundles features together in a way that makes sense for customers.

Plus, your account automatically upgrades to match the subscriber count. As you grow, campaigns will get delivered to every subscriber without interruption!

Our new paid plans all include features that go beyond email marketing, but you’ll see that even if you only use the email features, we’re still competitively priced. 

Providing these additional features like our website and landing page builders helps more businesses succeed online— whether they’re launching new ideas, creating portfolios or selling digital products and newsletter subscriptions. 

With MailerLite, you have more options to create exceptional campaigns that grow your business!

What are you waiting for? Experience the new MailerLite yourself!

Ignas Rubezius
Ignas Rubezius
I’m Ignas, CEO and co-founder at MailerLite. I fell in love with email marketing early on but could have never anticipated the amazing journey it would take us on. I’m constantly inspired by our customers, our remote team around the world and what’s next for MailerLite.