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How to migrate from MailerLite Classic to MailerLite

MailerLite Classic users can take advantage of our migration tools to help you save time and transition from MailerLite Classic to the new MailerLite.

Note: This is the first batch of migration tools used for migrating from MailerLite Classic to MailerLite. We are continuously working on more tools to make it easy to switch to the new platform.

Classic users don't need to rush to join MailerLite. MailerLite Classic is still supported, maintained and regularly updated by the MailerLite team.

When you migrate your MailerLite Classic account information to MailerLite, you will automatically be approved for sending and the following details will be applied to your new account:

  • Company details: All company details including account name, billing information and other necessary metadata will be transferred to your new MailerLite account

  • Verified sender addresses and domains: All verified sending addresses and domains will appear in your new account and be ready to use

  • Default settings: All sender details, logos, unsubscribe disclaimers and other default account settings will be applied to your new account

To migrate from MailerLite Classic to MailerLite:

1. In your MailerLite Classic account, navigate to the Integrations page.

2. Under Developer API, click Use.

3. Copy the API key to your clipboard (you'll need it a bit later).

4. Then click the SSO icon.

5. Select MailerLite and follow the prompts to sign up.

6. On your dashboard, you will find the option to migrate information from your MailerLite Classic account.

7. Click Migrate account.

8. Paste the API key into the corresponding field.

9. Click Confirm & migrate.

That’s it! Your account will automatically be approved, and your account information will be migrated into your new account.

Note: Account migration is used to set up your account in the new MailerLite easily. Please note that MailerLite Classic and MailerLite are two separate platforms and your MailerLite Classic plan will not be applied to the new MailerLite.

If you’re a premium user and you’re ready to migrate from MailerLite Classic to MailerLite, you will need to cancel any existing MailerLite Classic plan and upgrade to a new plan in MailerLite.

Once you have upgraded to a paid plan in MailerLite, you can quickly and easily migrate all your subscribers, custom fields and subscriber groups from MailerLite Classic.

Spam complaints, as well as unconfirmed, unsubscribed and bounced subscribers, will also be migrated into their corresponding folders.

To migrate subscribers from MailerLite Classic to MailerLite:

1. From your new MailerLite account dashboard, navigate to the Account settings page.

2. Select the Migration tab.

3. Under Migration details, you will find Account details and Subscribers. Click the Proceed button next to Subscribers.

4. Click Start migration →.

If you continue to collect and manage subscribers in MailerLite Classic, you can return to the Migration tab in your Account Settings to re-sync subscribers at any time.

Important: Migration tools work one way. If any account details or subscribers are updated in your new MailerLite account, they will not automatically be updated in your MailerLite Classic account.

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