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MailerLite vs. MailerLite Classic

Thousands of happy users have been using the new version of MailerLite since it launched in March 2022. Built from the ground up with a future-ready infrastructure, the new MailerLite makes the user experience lightning fast and allows our team to add new features quickly.

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What's new in MailerLite?

AI writing assistant

Increase productivity, improve message clarity and enhance creativity with a built-in AI text generator.

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Multi-trigger automation

Enhance your automation workflows by adding up to three triggers for each sequence giving subscribers multiple ways to join your email series.

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Advanced link editor

Never apologize for a broken link again. Instead, use the link editor to fix links even after your campaign has been sent.

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Email preference centers

Reduce your unsubscribe rate by allowing subscribers to customize their subscriptions with an Email preference center.

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Facebook audiences

Sync your email segments with Facebook’s 2.7+ billion audience to reach new people whose interests are similar to those of your subscribers.

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Dark mode

Reduce eye strain and improve visibility for those who prefer a darker color scheme.

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A/B test automations

Use A/B split testing to easily choose which automations perform best.

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A/B testing for forms

Improve form performance using easy-to-run A/B tests with real-time metrics.

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Predefined automation templates

Get a huge head start building email automations that are accurate and effective.

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Website and blog updates

Our intuitive drag & drop website builder and easy-to-use tools make it fast, easy and affordable to build professional websites.

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Custom date reporting

See how your marketing evolved over time and make smart decisions about what’s next.

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New drag and drop editor

Create engaging, dynamic emails in minutes with our intuitive drag & drop email editor.

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A ton of new integrations

Achieve a more efficient workflow by connecting your MailerLite account to the most popular web services.

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See all updates

We're rolling out new updates every month. Take a look at our What's New page to see the latest releases!

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Make better decisions with clear data

The refreshed reporting dashboard includes visual graphs and charts designed to deliver insights quickly. Analyze marketing performance with intuitive reports that help you see what works and what needs to improve.

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Shiny new iOS apps

Take MailerLite with you wherever you go. Our two iOS apps support your email marketing efforts while you’re on the move.

MailerLite Manager

Create and send campaigns, analyze reports and manage subscribers on the go with our mobile app, MailerLite Manager.

MailerLite Subscribe

Create forms and collect subscribers on your iPad and send them straight to your email list even while you’re offline.

See it in action

Watch the video below for an overview of all the new features and design updates that make the new MailerLite our best version yet.

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You can migrate your templates, subscribers, automation workflows and forms using our easy-to-use migration tools. Get started with the new MailerLite today!

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Is it easy to migrate from MailerLite Classic to MailerLite?

Yep! Using our migration tools, it’s super easy to migrate subscribers, files, templates, forms, and automations from MailerLite Classic to the new MailerLite. One important thing to note if you are migrating your account during the 30-day free trial, you must keep your subscriber count below 1,000. We recommend migrating a subset (<100) of your subscribers so you can play around with the platform. Watch this webinar for step-by-step migration instructions from Senior Support Manager, Vanessa.

Otherwise, you will need to upgrade to a paid account if you surpass 1,000 subscribers. You can migrate everything else during this time. Once you purchase a plan, you can then quickly migrate all your subscribers, groups, and segments with a push of a button. 

Which assets can be migrated from MailerLite Classic to MailerLite?

You can migrate your campaign templates, files, websites, landing pages, account information, domains, subscribers, automation workflows, and forms using our easy-to-use migration tools!

What happens to my MailerLite Classic account if I migrate to MailerLite?

Your MailerLite Classic account won’t be affected at all. MailerLite and MailerLite Classic are two separate platforms. You can sign up for MailerLite and take your time migrating while you continue to send campaigns using MailerLite Classic.

Are subscribers in my new MailerLite account added to MailerLite Classic?

No. MailerLite and MailerLite Classic are two different apps. Subscribers collected in MailerLite won’t automatically be added to your MailerLite Classic account or vice versa.