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How to add and edit images using the file manager

Your File manager is where you store all the images that you upload and use in your campaigns and forms.

The file manager is accessible from your right-hand drop-down menu.

Here, you can click the orange Upload image button to import an image from your computer into your file manager.

Alternatively, you can click the downward-pointing arrow on the right-hand side of the button to import an image from a URL, Google Drive, Giphy, or Unsplash.

If you select URL, a window will appear. Paste the URL of your chosen image into the input field to import it.

If you select Google Drive, a window will appear that allows you to log in to Google Drive and select images directly from your drive.

Unsplash is a great website used for sharing stock photography. You can choose from over a billion images that can be used in your newsletter for free.

Giphy is a similar resource. Though, rather than supplying an endless library of static images, you can choose from a huge range of GIFs to add to your newsletter.

Check out this guide to using GIFs in emails if you’re interested in using GIFs in your next newsletter.

Larger images load slowly in your subscribers' inboxes. Also, if they're using their mobile internet, larger images result in bigger data usage.

Additionally, the smaller the image, the less likely your newsletter will land in spam or the promotions tabs.

For this reason, your images must be under 2 MB.

If your image is too large, you can use an external tool to compress the image.

To add an image directly to your newsletter, first, drag the image block of your choice into your newsletter template from the left-hand sidebar.

Then, click the image block and press Browse in the right-hand sidebar.

This will open your File manager. From here you can select an image you have already imported, or you can upload a new image to add to your newsletter.

To add an image block to the body of your rich text newsletter:

  1. Hover over the + symbol to the left of your content.

  2. Click the Image button.

This will add an image block to the body of your newsletter. Click the image block and click Browse in the right-hand sidebar to open your file manager.

You can resize images within all your MailerLite campaign editors.

To resize an image in the Drag & drop editor or Rich text editor:

  1. Select the image block.

  2. Click the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the image and drag it inward to adjust to your preferred size.

  3. Click Save in the sidebar.

To resize an image in the Legacy rich text-editor:

  1. Click the image to select it.

  2. Use the resize handles in the corners of your image to adjust the image to your preferred size.

To resize an image on a landing page; click the image block, then click Edit Image in the sidebar to open the image editor. Then you’ll:

  1. Select Transform.

  2. Check the Lock Resolution box.

  3. Edit the value of the w or h field and hit ENTER.

  4. Click the blue checkmark to apply your changes.

  5. Click save and wait a few seconds while the image updates and resizes.

To open the image editor, select the image block containing the image you want to edit. Then, in the sidebar, click Edit image.

Hover over any icon on the left-hand side of the image editor to see each menu item.

The image editor contains the following features:

  • Transform - Use this tool to crop or resize the image

  • Filters - Choose from a wide range of filters to edit your image

  • Adjust - Use the adjust tool to enhance your image by adjusting settings such as brightness, exposure, contrast, and more

  • Focus - Draw attention to one part of your image using the focus tool

  • Text - Use this tool to add text to your image

  • Text design - The text design tool lets you choose from pre-designed text templates

  • Stickers - Use this tool to add stickers to your image. Choose from a list of emoticons or shapes, or upload another image from your computer to use as a sticker

  • Brush - Use the brush tool to paint over your image

  • Frames - Select a frame for your image from a list of pre-designed frames

  • Overlay - Choose from a list of beautifully designed overlays to add to your image

If you’d like to crop an image while using the Drag & drop editor or Rich text editor (beta):

  1. Select the image block.

  2. In the right-hand sidebar, click Edit image.

  3. In the image editor, select Transform.

  4. Use the grabber handles to crop your image to your preferred shape.

  5. Click the blue checkmark to apply your changes before saving.

Check our video tutorial for more information on the image editor

In the Drag & drop editor and Rich text editor, you can see that there's a button for entering the ALT value, which is an alternative text displayed if the image file cannot be loaded.

Click ALT to edit the alternative text.

This text explains to your readers what the image is about. You can use a descriptive ALT text, or get more creative and use this piece of text as a CTA.

For more information on the best practices for using images in email newsletters, check out the Best practices for using images in email newsletters.

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