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Everything about your plan and billing

All information regarding your current plan and payment information can be found on your Plan and billing page. If you do not see this page or the Upgrade page, please contact the account administrator.

MailerLite has two types of plans: free and premium. You can compare the features between the free and premium plans on the Pricing page. 

The free plan is automatically applied to every account upon approval. It allows you to use up to 1,000 unique subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails every 30 days. 

The premium plans are offered on a monthly or annual basis. Each plan includes a specific range of recipients and amount of emails sent allowed. 


  • Prices don't include VAT or other taxes of any kind (where applicable)

  • A 30% discount can be applied for non-profit organizations providing proof of status sent to

For monthly plans, you can pay with a credit or debit card. They will automatically renew every 30 days until you cancel. 

For annual plans, you’ll automatically get a 30% discount. You can purchase with a credit or debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer (if residing in Lithuania). However, annual plans cannot be automatically renewed. You must manually renew them by the expiration date.

Note: For the first payment only, some customers will be required to complete a 3D secure authentication, which is an online protocol that helps to prevent fraud in online debit and credit card payments.

  1. Head to Upgrade or Plan and billing.

  2. Click on Upgrade.

  1. Select the plan that best suits your needs.

You don’t lose any money when you upgrade to a new plan before the expiration date of your current plan. 

We calculate the unused time/money from your current plan and subtract it from the full price of the new plan. The expiration date of the plan is also updated according to the amount of time purchased. 

The formula we use to calculate the upgrade price is: 

Full price of plan - unused money from the current plan = upgrade price

You have the option to switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan, and from an annual plan to a monthly plan. Whichever plan you choose, the expiration date will be extended accordingly. 

If you want to change your annual plan to a monthly plan, please keep the following in mind:

  • You can only switch to the same or a higher monthly plan tier

  • You will be able to upgrade to a monthly or annual plan again once you are officially on the monthly plan

  • You will be able to downgrade your plan after the expiration date only

  • Since annual plans include a 30% discount and monthly plans do not, the unused balance from your annual plan is recalculated to fit the new monthly plan’s price. This changes the time period and results in a shortened expiration date for your new plan

  • If you switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan, you won’t be able to switch from an annual plan to a monthly plan for two days 

Head to Plan and billing.

Depending on your account settings, you may see the option to cancel or extend your current plan. 

If you see the option to extend, click on Extend and complete the checkout process.

If you see the option to cancel your subscription, click on Cancel subscription? and confirm the cancelation. This will not disable your current subscription. 

After canceling, you will see the option to extend your subscription.

When you cancel your plan, you will keep your current plan until it expires, but you will not be automatically charged for the next month.

Canceling monthly plans

Since monthly plans can be automatically renewed every 30 days, the renewal can be canceled at any time. 

To cancel a monthly plan:

  1. Head to Plan and billing.

  2. Click on the Upgrade or downgrade button. 

  3. Select the Forever Free plan by clicking on Downgrade.

After canceling, you will stay in your current plan until it expires and then be downgraded to the Forever Free plan.

Canceling annual plans

The payment for an annual plan takes place only once and it is valid for an entire year. It cannot be canceled and prorated refunds are not offered.

Other than premium plans, we also offer a few add-ons or extra services that can be purchased to enhance your email marketing. 

You can find these at the bottom of our Pricing page, your Plan and billing page, or your Upgrade page. 

  • MailerPro: Get priority support by email or live chat when you need it most. A dedicated MailerLite manager will help you import subscribers, create email templates and GDPR-compliant web forms, and analyze your metrics. For more details, click here.

  • Dedicated IP: Dedicated IPs can improve your deliverability by isolating your sending reputation. Recommended if you’re sending at least 50,000 emails per week.

  • SitesPro: Publish as many landing pages as you need to keep your business booming. You’ll have unlimited access to our site-building features to offer more interactive user experiences.

If you wish to update the credit or debit card you currently use to pay your MailerLite plan, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Plan and billing page.

  2. Click the Billing information tab.

  3. Under Payment method, click Edit.

  1. Enter your new payment details.

  1. Hit the Enter key to submit your new payment details.

Note: If you are a client from the European Union, you will need to verify your new card each time you change your payment method.

To delete a payment method from your billing information:

  1. Navigate to the Plan and billing page.

  2. Click the Billing information tab.

  3. Under Payment method, click Edit.

  1. Click the X icon displayed before the payment method you want to delete.

  1. Select Delete to confirm your action.

Note: If there are no payment methods saved on your Billing information page when your billing cycle ends, your account will revert to the forever-free plan by default. This could affect any active automations and RSS campaigns.


By default, invoices are sent to your account registration email address. 

To change the email address where invoices are sent: 

  1. Select Email notifications from the dropdown menu located at the top-right corner of the page.

  2. Switch to the System notifications tab.

  3. Enter the email address where you wish your invoices are sent.

To enter more than one email address, separate each by a comma. 

Still have questions?
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at A member of our support team will gladly assist you.