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New MailerLite: Launch-related FAQ

Discover everything the new MailerLite has to offer and see how it compares to MailerLite Classic in our comparison page, MailerLite vs MailerLite Classic.

Technology is improving super fast and computing power is growing exponentially. We decided that the best way to prepare for a digital future was to build a new foundation from scratch that will adapt to new technologies faster. 

Our goal is to provide an email marketing solution that our customers love with features they need to succeed. Our new infrastructure will help us add new features fast, so our customers can adapt quickly as well.  We add new features requested by customers—that’s what drives our decisions.

Will newly-developed features for the new MailerLite also be available in MailerLite Classic?

Newly released features and updates will be made on the new version of MailerLite only.

How long can I continue using MailerLite Classic?

You can keep using your MailerLite account without interruption. We plan to support MailerLite Classic for years to come. MailerLite Classic will work simultaneously with the new MailerLite for the foreseeable future. 

How does support work for MailerLite Classic?

Our customer support is dedicated to providing the same award-winning service that you’ve always had with MailerLite. Our support team is ready to answer questions about both the new MailerLite and MailerLite Classic.

Can I use both versions—MailerLite Classic and the new MailerLite at the same time?

Yes, you will be able to use both versions. You will also be able to have paid plans on both versions if you need them.

Is there a difference between the MailerLite Classic iOS apps and the MailerLite Manager iOS app?

Yes. The new MailerLite Manager iOS app is designed to work with the new MailerLite platform. You must have an account on the new MailerLite in order to use the MailerLite Manager app. For those of you with a MailerLite Classic account, you can download the MailerLite Classic Manager iOS app to stay connected to your subscribers and your campaign activity while on the go!

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that our iPad Subscribe app is only compatible with an account from the new MailerLite platform. It does not work with MailerLite Classic.

What are the new features and capabilities of the new MailerLite?

The new version of MailerLite is faster and comes with a fresh new design and updated UI. It has an improved reporting dashboard, updated e-commerce integrations, a new iOS app to manage your email marketing campaigns on the go, and an offline subscribe app to grow your audience from anywhere. We have lots more features on our roadmap that are coming soon, please take a look at our announcement blog.

How can I try the new MailerLite version?

For new users: If you do not already have an account on MailerLite, then you’ll simply need to sign up and you will have access to the new MailerLite immediately. 

For MailerLite Classic users: We have made it easy for you. All you have to do is log in to your MailerLite Classic account and click the small icon next to “Plan and billing” (for Free users it's next to "Upgrade") on the top-right navigation to access the single sign-on page. We have also created migration tools, so you can transfer your data to the new account.

Select the new version and create your account. After you’ve created a new MailerLite account, every time you log in to MailerLite, you will automatically go to the single sign-on page where you can select which version of MailerLite you wish to work with. To switch versions, you simply click on that SSO icon in the top-right navigation.

Why do I get a notification that an account already exists when I sign up for the new MailerLite? 

If you have an active account on MailerLite Classic and sign up for the new MailerLite using the same email, you will get a notification that the account already exists and you will be redirected to the login page. Once you log in to your existing account, you will be able to choose whether you want to go to a MailerLite Classic account or create one on the new MailerLite.

Can I transfer MailerLite Classic account information to my new MailerLite account?  

Yes! We have introduced migration tools to make the process easy. Account migration is used to set up a brand new account with the updated version of MailerLite and transfer over your data. Check out our guide on How to migrate from MailerLite Classic to the new MailerLite for more information.

Please note: since MailerLite Classic and the new MailerLite are two separate platforms, a paid plan on MailerLite Classic will not be transferred over or applied in any way to the new account.

Will the customer support team help with the migration?

Yes, customer support is always ready to help with any questions you might have. You can reach out via Live Chat or Email.

Will integrations continue to work both on MailerLite Classic and new MailerLite?

Not all integrations for MailerLite Classic will work on the new platform. In many cases they will, and in others, newer versions of the integration will be needed. Check out our list of integrations to see which options are compatible with MailerLite Classic only.

Do I need to update current MailerLite connections?

Nope! All connections will work perfectly in the new version of MailerLite. However, to include new MailerLite features in your integration, you will have to build a new connection using the updated API documentation, which will be publicly available here.

How can I access the developer API?

On the Developer API page, you will find all the information you need regarding our API documentation. This includes:

  • Our API Reference which provides access to MailerLite JSON API. Here you can find all of the information for developing your own integration. 

  • Webhooks

Does the new MailerLite come with new pricing?

Yes, the new version of MailerLite will have updated pricing. Please note, the pricing for MailerLite Classic remains the same.

How do I calculate the new pricing?

You can go to the pricing page, and move the slider to the number of subscribers you have. The costs will dynamically change so you can compare the plans based on your subscriber count.

If I continue using MailerLite Classic and my list grows, which pricing applies?

If you stay on MailerLite Classic, the pricing is based on MailerLite Classic pricing. 

Will the pricing remain the same if I continue using MailerLite Classic?

If you had a paid plan on MailerLite Classic prior to March 22, 2022, your pricing for MailerLite Classic will remain the same forever. 

How does customer support work in the new pricing plans?

We are focused on delivering the best customer support to all our users. All plans will also be able to access Live Chat support during their first month to ensure your account is properly set up. 

After the trial period ends, the Live Chat option will stay available only for Advanced plans while the Growing Business plan users will continue with email support. 

Free plans will also have access to our fast, award-winning email support. We have also created more ways to find answers and learn using MailerLite, including the free Academy, Video tutorials, and detailed Knowledge base articles.

Will there be any changes to the commission structure?

The commission structure remains the same, 30% lifetime.

Will there be a new affiliate link for the new MailerLite?

The affiliate link will remain the same and after March 22nd, the link will start directing to the new Mailerlite. You do not need to take any additional steps.

How will commissions be calculated for existing and new referrals?

Current customers can continue using MailerLite Classic and you will continue receiving commissions. You will also receive commissions from all customers who sign up for the new MailerLite using your affiliate link after March 22nd.

Will there be new marketing materials?

New product images and promotional banners matching the new UI design are now available in the Resources section of your partner portal.

Can I continue referring people to MailerLite Classic?

No. After March 22nd all new clients will access the new MailerLite. There will be no new signups for MailerLite Classic.

If my referral creates an account on the New MailerLite, will I continue getting commission?

Yes, your affiliate accounts on MailerLite Classic who switch to the new MailerLite will continue generating commissions for you.

Will I continue receiving commissions for migrated accounts?

Once the migration tool is available, affiliation data will be migrated and you will continue receiving a commission.

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