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MailerLite on the go? There’s an app for that!

Gediminas Andrijaitis Gediminas Andrijaitis
· 4 min read · Updates · March 11, 2020

Wherever you go—high or low, fast or slow—you can now manage your MailerLite email campaigns on the go!

Ok, so we’re very happy (as you can tell) to announce that you can now access MailerLite on your iPhone whenever you want, no matter where you are. 

The new iPhone app will help you stay on top of all your MailerLite campaigns, signup forms and automation workflows. You can now preview and schedule emails, manage subscribers and monitor your performance metrics—all from your Apple devices. 

Let’s take a look at all the features and capabilities you can access from this first version of our iOS application.

Monitor campaign results in real-time 

First and foremost, we want you to be able to check your stats when you’re on the go. Instead of logging on to your desktop, you’ll have all the performance metrics at your fingertips.

Whether you’re at home, in a meeting or at your desk, it’s super quick to use our intuitive dashboards to check all key performance metrics including opens, clicks and unsubscribes.

mailerlite ios app - dashboard iphone

You can also view survey answers, track your e-commerce campaign sales and check the conversion rates of your signup forms.

mailerlite iphone app - reports

Preview campaigns and schedule sendings

The new iPhone email app gives you access to your past campaigns, drafts and even the emails that are still in your outbox. You can preview your emails to make sure they’re perfect, schedule them to send or delete them if you wish. 

mailerlite iphone app campaign manager

In addition to previewing and scheduling your campaigns, you can also access your automation details, including performance stats and subscriber activity within each workflow.

campaign manager - mailerlite iphone app 1

Manage subscriber lists based on their activity

People don’t stop engaging with your emails and signup forms when you turn off your computer for the day. Our new email marketing app allows you to view subscriber activity and make updates. You can add new subscribers to your segments or groups, or (if needed) unsubscribe, delete or forget subscribers.

mailerlite iphone app - subscribers

Track your pop-ups and embedded forms

Your signup forms and pop-ups collect new subscribers throughout the day. Now you can check how your forms are performing and see who subscribed whenever you feel the urge or when a colleague asks you how it’s going or when you’re done binging-watching your favorite show. You get the idea.

mailerlite popup - iphone app

Access your account 

Last but not least, you can access your account settings on your iPhone to switch accounts, contact customer support and log out of an account.

mailerlite iphone app - settings

How to get the iPhone email app

If you don't have a MailerLite account, that's your first step! You can sign up for a free account here.

The new app is called the MailerLite Manager and it’s waiting to be downloaded at the Apple app store.  Simply follow the instructions to download the app and log in. 

Let us know what you think so we can keep improving the app. If you like it, please add a rating and comment at the Apple store to encourage others to try it out.

Wait! Before you go, there’s another MailerLite app while you're there. Our iPad email collection app lets you sign up new subscribers from anywhere, including trade shows, stores or any offline location. Learn more here.

Gediminas Andrijaitis
Gediminas Andrijaitis
I’m Gediminas, CPO at MailerLite (not to be confused with C3PO from Star Wars). I work across all departments to ensure MailerLite is always working and helping you create the best email experience possible. The only thing I love more than building products is riding motorcycles—really, really fast.
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