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Duncan Elder

Duncan Elder

Hey 👋 I’m Duncan, I joined MailerLite as a content writer in 2022. You can see my words on the MailerLite blog, website and our weekly newsletter. I spent 4 years as a freelance writer before joining MailerLite. During this time I learned my craft writing for various B2B software and service providers. I always have a side project on the go, and I love testing my digital marketing skills by building websites with no-code tools. My biggest project is The Boardwalk, a blog and newsletter about menswear trends that I grew to over 40,000 monthly visits.
Work experience
  • Content writer at MailerLite - 1 year

  • Freelance content writer - 4 years


University of Hull - English (BA)

Personal projects

Duncan runs The Boardwalk, a men’s fashion blog and newsletter that explores the latest trends in menswear. He grew it to over 40,000 monthly visits.

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