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How to collect subscribers offline using the MailerLite iPad subscriber app

With the new MailerLite Subscribe app for iPad, you can create fast and responsive signup forms to collect leads and email subscribers offline and sync them to groups in your account. Use this app to take advantage of those opportunities to collect subscribers in person, such as trade shows or in-store signups.

Note: The Subscribe App for iPad is only compatible with accounts on the new MailerLite platform.

The MailerLite Subscribe App for iPad lets you collect new leads offline with customizable forms that you create within the app. Features include:

  • Quick setup: Get up and running in a few minutes!

  • Collect email subscribers offline without an internet connection.

  • Sync new subscribers with one click once you’re connected.

  • Customize the form's background, fonts, colors, and add your branding.

To create a form in the Subscribe App:

  1. Navigate to the Forms tab.

  2. Click on + New form.

  1. Give your form a name.

  2. Select a group that your subscribers will be added to once the form is submitted. If you select more than one group, subscribers who submit this form will be added to all of the chosen groups.

  1. Click Save.

The form will appear in the Forms tab, and any other forms created within the app will appear in this area.

  1. From the Forms tab, click on the subscribe form you wish to edit.

  2. In the form settings, you can edit the group, enable or disable double-opt-in and see a list of subscribers that the form has collected.

  1. Click Edit in the top-right corner to begin customizing your form.

In the drag-and-drop editor, each element can be edited by clicking on the individual block. Once you have clicked on a block to edit it, a settings bar will open on the right side with options to edit elements of the specific block you have chosen. This includes:

  • Font Sizes

  • Text customization

  • Background and font colors

  • Alignment of text/images

By clicking on the Background button, you can select a background color, gradient, or image for the form's background.

By default, your subscribe form will show options to collect the email address and name of the subscriber. To add more fields, click on the block that includes the Email and Name fields. In the sidebar on the right, you will see a list of the fields that can be added to your form. Toggle the option ON next to the fields that you want to add.

Note: The fields that can be added to your subscribe form correspond to the fields in your MailerLite account and can only be edited or added in your account, and not through the Subscribe App.

To rename a form, export the email addresses, or delete a form, navigate to the overall form settings outside of the editor.

Subscribers collected offline will not automatically sync to your MailerLite account in real-time. To sync subscribers:

  1. Connect your iPad to the internet.

  2. From the Forms tab, click on the form that collected the subscribers you wish to sync.

  3. Navigate to the Collected Subscribers section and click sync.

Subscribers who were collected offline and any information they submitted will be added to your MailerLite account and will be added to the group(s) assigned in the form settings within the Subscribe App.

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