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How to add a survey in a campaign

Embedding a survey or quiz into your newsletter campaign is a fantastic way to boost engagement, gauge reader happiness, and collect additional data from your subscribers.

A Survey or Quiz block can be added to any campaign created using the Drag & drop editor. In fact, all templates, including the default template, automatically include a Survey block.

If you wish to add a Survey block or Quiz block to an existing draft campaign:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns.

  2. Click the Drafts tab.

  1. Click the title of the campaign in which you want to embed a Survey block.

  2. Click the Edit content button to open your campaign editor.

  1. In the left-hand sidebar, find the Survey and quiz blocks.

  2. Drag and drop the Survey or Quiz block into your campaign.

Note: Each campaign can only include one survey or one quiz. If you already have a survey or quiz block added to your newsletter, you will not be able to add a second.

A Survey is used to collect information from subscribers. By asking questions in a campaign, subscribers are able to provide you with their subjective feedback.

A Quiz is used when you want to quiz your subscribers on information you already have. Instead of providing subjective answers, they’re required to guess the correct answer. Test the knowledge of your subscribers by including a quiz in your campaign.

To configure your Survey block:

  1. Open your campaign in the Drag & drop editor.

  2. Click the Survey or Quiz block to select it.

  3. Apply your settings in the sidebar.

When you have your Survey or Quiz block selected, you will see three tabs in the sidebar: Questions, Rules, and Settings.

The Questions tab is where you will add your questions. For Surveys, there are eight types of question you can add:

  • Intro - This step introduces your survey. We suggest adding a short description here. 

  • Satisfaction score - This question asks subscribers to provide a satisfaction score of 1-5 using smiley faces, hearts, or star icons.

  • Net Promoter Score -  This question asks participants to provide a satisfaction score of 1-10.

  • Multiple choice - A question with multiple answers.

  • Multiple image choice - A question with multiple images as answers.

  • Open question - A question with an open answer box in which subscribers can type any reply.

  • Like/Dislike - A question that can be answered with a positive or negative response. For example, thumbs up or thumbs down, smiley face or sad face, etc.

  • Outro - This is highly important, as it indicates to your survey participants that the survey or quiz is over.

Quizzes can include three types of questions:

  • Intro

  • Multiple choice

  • Multiple image choice

Quiz blocks also include an outro by default called Quiz results. This is where subscribers can see how they did on your quiz.

To add additional questions to your survey or quiz, click the Add a question template button. Each survey or quiz can have up to 30 questions.

Then click the pencil icon to edit the Question, Description, and Answers

Make your survey or quiz functional by adding rules. In the Rules tab, you can predefine a rule that performs a certain action if a question is answered in a certain way.

For example, you can create a rule that adds a subscriber to a new group if they answer a particular question with a specific answer.

To add rules to your survey:

  1. Click on the Survey or Quiz block to select it.

  2. In the sidebar, click the Rules tab.

  3. Click Add a rule.

  1. Use the dropdown menu to select a question.

  1. Then you can choose whether your rule will be applied if that question Is answered or Is answered with a specific answer.

  1. If you chose Is answered with a specific answer, select the specific answer.

  1. Finally, choose the Action that you want to take place after a subscriber selects that specific answer.

Actions you can apply to your survey rules include:

  • Add subscriber to the group - Select a group into which subscribers will be added upon meeting the conditions of your rule

  • Move subscriber to the group - Move subscribers from one group to another when they meet the conditions of your rule

  • Remove subscriber from the group - Select a group from which subscribers will be removed when they meet the conditions of your rule

  • Update custom field - Update a field with a specific value when the subscriber meets the conditions of your rule

  • Update custom field with the answer - Choose a field that will be updated with the subscriber’s answer when they meet the conditions of your rule

  • Skip to the question - Choose a question to skip to when the subscriber meets the conditions of your rule

Once you have set up your rule, click Save.

Under the Settings tab is where you can apply design settings to your Survey or Quiz block such as Background and Content style.

You can also opt to show survey progress by checking the box labeled Show survey progress.

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