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How to create an embedded form

An embedded form is a sign-up form used to collect subscribers and add them straight to MailerLite. You create your embedded form in MailerLite and display it on your own website as part of a webpage.

To create your first embedded form:

  1. Navigate to Forms.

  2. Click on the Embedded forms tab.

  3. Click Create embedded form.

  1. Give your form a name (this is for internal purposes only and you can change it later).

  1. Click Save and continue.

  2. Select a subscriber group. This important step allows you to select the group(s) into which subscribers of this form will be added.

  1. Click Save and continue to open up the embedded form editor.

  1. Edit the heading and text of your form, by clicking on the heading and text block and make your changes in the sidebar.

  1. Edit the sign-up field(s) on your form by clicking on the field block and making your changes in the sidebar.

  1. Click the pencil icon to edit the sample text within your input fields. To add an additional field to your form, click Add field. To reorder your fields, click and hold the three horizontal lines on your field label in the sidebar, then drag the field up or down.

  1. Edit the text of your button by clicking on the button block and changing the text in the sidebar.

  1. When you’ve finished creating your form, click Next to save your changes and continue.

That’s it! Your form is now created and ready to be installed on your website.

To install the form on your website:

  1. Navigate to Forms.

  2. Click the title of your form.

  3. Scroll down to the section Embed form into your website where you will see two JavaScript snippets.

The first snippet (the larger piece of code) is the MailerLite universal tracking snippet; the second snippet (the small piece of code) is your individual form’s code.

  1. Copy and paste the universal tracking snippet into your website’s HTML just before the closing </head> tag.

Your website is made up of sections of HTML called elements. The very first element is the <head>, it starts with the opening <head> tag and ends with the closing </head> tag. If you’re unsure how to edit your website HTML, we recommend contacting the support team of the platform on which you created your website.

Note: Using Wordpress or Shopify? Install the MailerLite plugin for Wordpress or the MailerLite plugin for Shopify to install your forms on your website without using any code.

Using Wix? Read the instructions on installing forms on your Wix site.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing and designing your form using the form editor. You’ll find everything you need in the sidebar where there are two tabs; Design and Settings.

Design tab

The Design tab allows you to edit the visual design of your form. You’ll find six sections within the Design tab: Default, Background, Form, Content style, Form elements, and Call to action.

Form display type

When it comes to how the base of your form appears, you have three options:

  • Default - The default display is a simple form where the input fields stack vertically

  • Horizontal - The horizontal display is a simple form where the input fields line up horizontally

  • Card - The card display stacks input fields like a default form, but includes an image block

To change the way your embedded form is displayed:

  1. Click on the Design tab in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Change link.

  1. Select your chosen display.

  1. Click Choose.


The Background section refers to the background behind the form entirely. This background is displayed when someone visits the stand-alone web version of your form. For example, if you send the Share URL of your form to a friend, they will see your form on its own.

To edit the background:

  1. Click on the Design tab in the sidebar.

  2. Under Background, click the design bubble also labeled Background.

  1. Edit the color of the page’s background, or add an image.


In the Form section, you can edit the design of the form as a whole. There are two design bubbles labeled Background and Layout.

Use the Background design bubble to edit the form's background itself. You can make it one block color, or upload an image to use as your form background.

If you want the form background to be transparent in order to blend in your webpage’s existing design, simply type the word “transparent” into the Background color field.

Use the Layout design bubble to edit the layout, width, border, border radius and alignment of your form.

Content style

The Content style section allows you to edit the style of the text within your form. You can edit the font family, font color, font size and text alignment of both your heading and text.

Form elements

The Form elements section allows you to edit the design and formatting of each individual element on your form including the form input fields, input field labels, checkbox text, and checkbox description.


The Call-to-action section allows you to edit the design and formatting of the button on your form. You can edit the background (color) of the button, the background hover color, font size, font color, font weight, font family, and border-radius.

Settings tab

In the Settings tab, you can apply different settings to your form. These settings include:

  • Privacy policy - Check this box to add a privacy statement to your form

  • Confirmation checkbox - Check this box to add a user-consent checkbox to your form

  • Hidden segmentation field - Check this box to add a hidden field to segment your subscriber list. You select a field and a value so that all subscribers of this form have that value added to that field

  • Marketing permissions fields (GDPR-compliant) - Check this box to include GDPR compliant marketing permissions checkboxes to your form

  • Interest groups - Check this box to give subscribers the option to choose their own subscriber group

  • Custom success page - Check this box to send subscribers to an external URL upon successful completion of the form instead of the default success page in MailerLite

  • reCAPTCHA - Check this box to add a reCAPTCHA (I am not a robot checkbox) to your form. This helps prevent potentially harmful spambots from joining your subscriber list

The success message is what your subscribers see after they successfully complete your form. To edit your success message:

  1. Along the top navigation bar, click Success message.

  2. Click on the success message text.

  3. Edit the success message content in the sidebar.

  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

To make a copy of your embedded form:

  1. Navigate to Forms.

  2. Click on the Embedded forms tab.

  3. Find the form you wish to duplicate and click the downward arrow next to the Edit button.

  4. Click Duplicate.

If you’re an HTML expert, you can customize your form’s HTML to suit your needs. To find your form’s HTML:

  1. Navigate to Forms.

  2. Click the Embedded forms tab.

  3. Click the title of your form.

  4. Scroll to the section Embed form to your website.

  5. Click the HTML tab.

  6. Copy the HTML and make any edits you require before adding it to your website.

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