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How to troubleshoot pop-up forms

Have you followed all of the steps to add your pop-up form to your website, but it’s still not showing up?

Read on to find out the most common issues that block pop-up forms from showing up and how to troubleshoot them.

Common reasons your pop-up form is not appearing on any device include:

  • The pop-up form’s status is not active - To check this, head to Forms and click on the name of the pop-up form. Then, check if the status is active in the Overview tab.

  • The JavaScript tracking snippet hasn’t been correctly installed - If you are not sure how to properly add the universal tracking script to your website, please consult the support team of the platform where your website was built.

  • The visibility of the pop-up has been set to Hidden in the Behavior page - If your pop-up is hidden it will not be visible on any device

  • Apply strict equality setting is enabled - If you have entered your URL incorrectly and checked the box Apply strict equality, then your pop-up won't appear due to the URL you added not matching your website's URL. To fix this, ensure you copy/paste the correct URL into your behavior settings

  • Other plugins are interfering with your pop-up - If you are using the WordPress or Shopify plugin and the pop-up form is not being automatically added, other plugins you’ve installed on your website might be clashing with our plugin. If this happens, you will have to manually add the pop-up form’s code to your website.

If your pop-up is not appearing on mobile devices, it's likely due to its behavior settings.

When you select Show before closing page and it is the only option selected in the Mode section in the form's Behavior page, the pop-ups will only work on a desktop and not on mobile.

To change this, navigate to your behavior settings and select an additional Mode.

Another reason for this issue might be that you selected Hide on mobiles in the pop-up’s Visibility settings on the Behavior page. To change this, learn how to hide/show pop-up forms on specific pages or devices.

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