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How to troubleshoot a form or a confirmation email not delivered

You’ve set up your form, but you notice that it is not working. Perhaps the Subscribe button doesn’t take any action, the confirmation email is not being sent or subscribers are not being added to the assigned group after signing up.

To start troubleshooting your form, make sure you check the following on the Forms page:

If it’s a pop-up or a promotional form, make sure it is active.

There should be at least one group assigned where subscribers will be added upon sign-up. If there isn’t any assigned group, the form will not add any subscribers to your list.

  1. Click on the name of the form to be taken to its Overview page. 

  2. Scroll down to the Subscribe to groups section.

  3. Click on Edit to add a group. 

If double opt-in is active, then the subscriber should first confirm their subscription via the confirmation email sent to them before they can be added to your list.

If double opt-in is active, check that there is a valid sender's email address. If there isn’t one in place, then the confirmation email will never be sent.

  1. Click on the Double opt-in email tab. 

  2. On the Sender row, check if there is a valid email address. If there isn’t one, click on Edit.

On the Double Opt-In Email tab, you will find the confirmation email that will be sent to subscribers upon sign-up.

Inside the confirmation email, variables shouldn’t have any spaces, the wrong brackets or any weird formatting. Click on Edit to customize the confirmation email.

For more information on how to set up custom variables, check our help article How to create and use custom fields.

If none of these steps help, it’s likely that the email might’ve landed in the subscriber’s spam folder or there was a typo made upon entering the email address upon sign-up. The easiest fix is to simply restart the process.

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