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What are unconfirmed subscribers?

Unconfirmed subscribers are email addresses who sign up on a form with double opt-in enabled but haven’t confirmed their subscription to your newsletter yet.

If you have double opt-in enabled for any of your forms, users will have to confirm their subscription after signing up. See How to use double opt-in when collecting subscribers for more information.

A confirmation email, which you can edit in the form’s settings, is sent, where they have to click the confirmation button to confirm their subscription to your newsletter.

Until the subscription is confirmed, these emails are considered unconfirmed subscribers. They cannot receive any of your newsletters because they haven’t yet confirmed their subscription. Only active subscribers can receive your newsletters.

Unconfirmed subscribers are added to your Unconfirmed list, which you can find on Subscribers by clicking on the green active subscribers text.

It is possible to set unconfirmed subscribers as active only if you have their permission to do so. Setting them as active without them confirming beforehand is not allowed under any circumstance and is a violation of our Anti-Spam Policy.

To set unconfirmed subscribers as active subscribers:

  1. Head to Subscribers.

  2. Show the unconfirmed list.

  3. Select the unconfirmed subscriber.

  4. Click Actions.

  5. Select Move to active.

You can also set them as active directly from their profile page:

  1. Search for the unconfirmed subscriber’s email on the Subscribers.

  2. Click on their email address to be taken to their profile page.

  3. Click on Subscribe.

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