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Landing page surveys

You probably know about our in-email surveys, but did you know you can also integrate surveys in your landing pages? We'll go into detail in this video tutorial about landing page surveys.

To get started, we're first making a landing page. Navigate to the Sites tab and click Create landing page or choose an exiting landing page. Now you'll see the editor.

You can implement the survey anywhere on your landing page. You can also add a button that redirects visitors to the survey using an anchor link. Your button could say "Take the survey" and your anchor link could be named "Survey." Then you would add an anchor link block above the actual survey block. When people click your button, they'll be taken to the survey that's further down on the page.

You can use both surveys and quizzes. The setup is similar, but with a quiz, people will see their score at the end. For each question, you can highlight which answer is the correct one. Each question can be dragged to a different order and/or deleted. The individual questions can be customized in the settings. We personally love the multiple-image option feature!

Don't forget to click save whenever you edit a question.

You can also add an option to skip questions. For example, let's say someone rates your product with a 5. Your next question might be different than when someone answers with a 3 or below. In the settings, you can skip to other questions in your quiz or survey and personalize it based on individual answers.

The landing page settings also allow you to decide the width of your survey or quiz. You can set the survey to take up the entire page to make it really stand out, or choose to display it in a wide, medium or narrow format.

At the end of a quiz or survey, you can add a signup form. This is great for lead generation. Ask people to leave their email address in exchange for a freebie or discount, for example.

Lastly, you can also show the survey progress. This lets visitors know exactly how many questions are still to come.

Note: On each landing page you can insert 1 quiz or 1 survey.

To learn more, you can read this article which explores how to create a landing page survey.

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