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Building a landing page

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What are landing pages?

Landing pages are one-page sites with their own shareable URL, that focus on one objective or goal related to your business.

To create a landing page, navigate to the Sites tab or click Create Site from your Dashboard

  1. Click the Landing pages tab.

  2. Click Create new landing page

  3. Name your landing page and click Save and continue.

  4. Choose a group for your landing page. This will be the group where subscribers who have signed up on your landing page will be added. Then click Continue.

  5. Choose a template from which to build your landing page. You can choose from All templates or toggle to view specific categories.

  6. Click the Blocks tab to drag and drop content blocks from the sidebar into your landing page.

For an in-depth look at each element in landing pages such as blocks and style settings, check out our guide on How to create a landing page.

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Landing pages are a great way to spread a message. Use a landing page to announce an upcoming webinar, promote a sale or highlight a new product release.

To create a landing page, click Sites and make sure you’re in the Landing pages tab. Create a new landing page and give it a name. In the next screen, you can choose the subscriber group where you want to save new subscribers that sign up via the landing page.

After saving your group, select a design template for your landing page and start adding your content in the next step. On the top you can choose to edit the landing page or success page. The landing page is the page where a reader subscribes, the success page is the page that is shown after people have successfully subscribed.

For each page, choose the content blocks you need and adjust design settings. You can change the overall design settings or adjust styles of each individual content block.

By clicking above the Blocks tab, you can check what your page looks like on a desktop, tablet and mobile view.

When you’re finished creating your landing page, click Done editing. In the page settings you can see and customize the landing page URL. Choose or add your own domain from the dropdown menu in the darker grey box. Underneath, you can adjust the SEO settings (page title, keywords, description and index permission). Lastly, you can also customize the Facebook share settings.

In the landing page overview, you will see a summary of your new landing page. Turn the double opt-in on or off, change the landing page URL, preview and edit the design and check the overall settings. The stats will start appearing once people have signed up.

When clicking on the Confirmation email tab, you can edit the subject, sender information and email content of the double opt-in email that’s sent after every signup.

The Confirmation thank you page tab lets you edit the confirmation page. You can also add your own URL if you wish to redirect subscribers to another page.

Now, when you go back to the Forms tab, you’ll see your brand new landing page. Congratulations!

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