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Landing page quizzes

Looking for a fun and engaging way to generate more leads? Embed a quiz directly into your landing page.

To add a quiz, go to Sites and click on an existing page or create a new landing page.

In the next steps, you'll need to select a group (in case you add a signup form) and a template. For this tutorial, we'll choose the quiz template.

In this template, you'll see that the survey option is greyed out. That's because we can only use 1 survey on each landing page.

When you click on the quiz, you can see the different settings. You can add new questions and customize each question by clicking on the individual questions. There are a variety of options, such as multiple-choice (image) options, ratings, signup forms, and more. You can easily change from a multiple image choice to a text-based multiple-choice if you decide that that's a better suiting format.

For each quiz question, you can select which answer is correct. There's also the option to skip questions, for example when someone answers the question correctly. Another option is to show the survey progress, so the user knows exactly how many questions are left.

In the end, the user will see their quiz results. You can add social share buttons so users can share their results with their friends.

In the Survey report tab, you can see all the answers from those who participated in your quiz.

To learn more, you can read this knowledge base article on how to create a landing page quiz.

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