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New landing page builder! Create winning designs in half the time 🪄

Migle Navickaite Migle Navickaite
· 8 min read · Updates · Jul 8, 2024
MailerLite Developer, John.

Big news: We’ve completely revamped our landing page builder. Creating high-converting landing pages is faster and easier than ever thanks to new design flexibility and powerful AI tools.

The standout feature is our landing page generator. Input essential details and it will create a page that matches your brand styling in literally seconds. 

We’ve also introduced a new way of structuring pages for more design flexibility, revamped the customization tools, and fine-tuned all the landing page-building features and options you already loved. 

Read on to discover how our new tool will help you create winning designs in less time and see the magic in action! 

Go from an idea to a published landing page faster than ever. Our new landing page generation feature creates 3 versions of a page based on your input in seconds. Choose your favorite, customize it to your needs in the landing page editor, then hit publish to go live. 

To start, specify the goal of your page, add business details, and choose your style. The tool will create a page that meets your needs. 

Source: MailerLite. We cut 20 seconds out of the process for the animation.

Several features make the tool stand out:

  • AI-text generation capabilities write landing page copy based on your prompt

  • Brand styles let you specify a color palette and fonts to get a page that matches your branding. Or let the tool choose complementary colors for you

  • Choose from generated designs. If you don’t like the options, simply hit regenerate

  • Once you choose the winner, you have full control to customize the design with our exceptionally easy-to-use landing page builder

AI landing page features are available for all users on an Advanced Plan. If you’re on a Free or Growing business plan, you can still try out the tool with one-off free tokens.

Our landing page builder has always been one of the easiest and fastest ways to build beautiful high-converting landing pages. 

Our new iteration takes this even further with a fresh and intuitive interface built around the idea of elements and sections. 

Start your design by dragging an element into the canvas. Or get a head start by choosing a professionally designed prebuilt section and customizing it to your needs. 

GIF showing drag and drop landing page builder
Source: MailerLite

The tool offers over 70 sections for heroes, content, FAQs, and more that you can use when building your site.

Each element and section has tons of customization options. Change the size, layout, spacing, colors, fonts, background, border radius, and more!

Now you don’t have to be a copywriter or designer to create impactful landing page content. Just generate AI text and images from within the landing page builder. 

The AI writer creates copy that you can add to your page in seconds. Either use this text as generated or as inspiration for your own content. 

Landing page content writer
Source: MailerLite

The new AI image generator does the same but for images: Tell it what you need, choose from the available styling options, and let the tool create an image for you. No more spending ages searching for the perfect photo!

Once the image is done, hit the button to add it to your file manager for use in any of your landing pages or email campaigns. Or adjust your prompt and style to create another image.

You can now save sections and drag them into any landing page you create. Reusing sections significantly speeds up the design process if you use the same ones across multiple pages. 

Hit the heart icon next to the section you want to save and give it a name. The section will appear in your favorites whenever you create a new landing page. 

Saved section
Source: MailerLite

You can save and reuse any section. Consider using it for:

  • Signup forms: Add the same sign-up form to any landing page. Adjust the text to help it match the content

  • Product blocks: Design product blocks and then add them to your pages. Automatically pull in product information from any listing on a connected e-commerce store

  • Testimonials: All conversion-focused content benefits from testimonials. Save your best ones and use them on any landing page

  • Pricing: Create a pricing block once and use it on any page you create

  • Headers and footers: Save a ton of time by re-using the same headers and footers across every page

All your favorite sections are also editable. Once you’ve added the block, it’s easy to customize the content to tailor it to the specific page. 

We’re loading the new landing page builder up with plenty of our most popular templates. Choose any of these templates when creating your landing page to get a headstart on the design process. 

It’s easy to adjust any of these templates to your brand by changing the page styles or by adding, removing and customizing the blocks you need.

Landing page templates for the new builder
Source: MailerLite

The new landing page builder comes with all the cool features you’ve always loved about MailerLite. 

This means you can access:

  • Tons of sections designed for conversion including surveys, testimonials, countdown timers and CTAs 

  • Global design settings for fonts and colors to rapidly create high-performing pages that look on-brand and beautiful

  • Increase conversions by adding your MailerLite pop-ups to your page

  • Use form fills to trigger email automations and create custom success pages encouraging people to take the next step 

  • Set up split tests to make multiple versions of a single landing page and test which is most impactful

The new tool will become our default landing page builder, but you can still edit and duplicate your existing landing pages using the old builder. Plus the changes won’t impact your already-published pages.

We hope you’re as excited to try the landing page as we are to share it. Head to the Sites section of your dashboard and choose to either create with AI or start from scratch. All accounts can try out the tool including free ones!

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Migle Navickaite
Migle Navickaite
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