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Using a custom domain with your landing page or website

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If you're on a Growing business or Advanced plan, you can change your landing page or website URL by adding your own custom domain. To get started:

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings tab and click the Domains tab.

  2. Scroll down to Sites and click Add domain.

  3. Enter the custom domain you wish to connect.

After adding your domain, click on Manage DNS. A popup window will appear and you will see an A record to add. If you choose to redirect your ‘www’ traffic to the domain you're connecting to, you will see a CNAME record too.

To learn when to add a root domain or subdomain and more on this subject, check out our step-by-step guide on How to add a custom domain to landing pages and websites.

Learn how to add a custom domain to your landing pages.

Navigate to Forms and either create a new landing page or use an existing one by clicking on the title.

When adding a custom domain to an existing landing page, first click on the Edit button next to Landing page URL. Choose a domain or click on Add new domain in the dropdown menu next to the URL.

Insert the URL you want to use. Do not use www if you have a website on your domain. If you do use www, you cannot use this website anymore. Only use www if the custom domain is only used for the landing page you’re creating. By using to Go back link, you can add more custom domains.

Next, you can optimize the SEO settings and set the page title, meta keywords, meta description and Facebook share image.

After saving these settings, you’re done in MailerLite. However, your custom domain will not work if you don’t add DNS records to your hosting company (where you registered your domain name). There’s many different tutorials on how to do this and your hosting company can help you with this too.

In the video above we’ll show you how to set up your DNS records in GoDaddy. Note that it can take a while for your DNS settings to go live.

In this help article you’ll find more information on how to technically set up your custom domain.

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