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How to add a custom domain to landing pages and websites

Once you have created a landing page or website using the MailerLite website builder, a random URL is generated for you with our default domain for landing pages, and for websites.

  1. Navigate to Domains by clicking on the top-right arrow on the page and selecting Domains.

  1. Scroll down to the Sites section and click on Add domain.

  1. Enter the custom domain you wish to connect.

If your domain is already in use, include a subdomain when entering your domain URL.

If your custom domain doesn’t have a functioning website published on it, you can use the root domain for your landing page or website built in MailerLite. For example,

If your custom domain already has a functioning website published on it, you can still add it, but you will have to add it with a subdomain because a root domain cannot be connected to more than one page. For example,

We use only use and for example purposes only. You should not use them and use your own custom domain instead.

Note: A subdomain like “www” (e.g. "") might override the content on your existing domain. We recommend using this type of subdomain only if you don't have any websites currently on your root domain.

After adding your domain, click on Manage DNS. A window will appear.

Under Create a CNAME record, you will find 2 fields: Name and Value.

Add the values of these fields to the DNS page on your domain management platform.

If you’re adding a root domain, you can type in your domain in the first step ( and continue to the next step to obtain A record.

If you currently do not have any website hosted on your domain, we strongly suggest selecting the option to redirect your ‘www’ traffic to the domain you are connecting. This will give you the option to add a CNAME record as well as an A record.

In short, if you want users to reach your website or landing page whether or not they type “www” in the address bar, we suggest you add both A and CNAME records to your DNS page.

Once the records have been correctly set up with their respective Name and Value fields, click Check DNS records. 

Remember it may take up to 24 hours for your DNS settings to become active worldwide, depending on your hosting provider.

When the CNAME or A-type records have been approved, the process of enabling SSL will automatically begin. You can find the status of your SSL in the SSL column.

The process of fully enabling the SSL certificate may take a few hours. 

Note: If the SSL has not been enabled after several hours and it is stuck with 🔁 Enabling SSL, check if the DNS page of your domain has an AAAA type record. This type of record pointing to another server will prevent the SSL from being enabled, so it must be removed.

The next steps have to be completed on the DNS settings of your domain. For assistance with these steps, we recommend contacting your hosting provider. 

  1. Log in to your domain provider (usually on your hosting).

  2. Find the DNS settings for your domain. You can find instructions on how to do this by searching “DNS settings” + the name of your hosting provider, on any search engine (such as Google). 

  3. Create a DNS record with CNAME type or A-type, depending on how you choose to link your domain to our servers, and fill out the Name and Value fields that are given to you on your MailerLite account.

Keep in mind that hosting providers may refer to the Name and Value TXTs differently. They can be referred to as:

  • Name and Host

  • Domain and Value

  • Domain and Host

In some cases, the CNAME record might be referred to as the Domain Alias record.

Note: For more information about CNAME and A records and their differences, you can check out this article.

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