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How to use A/B split testing on your landing page

An A/B split test is when you create two or more variants of a landing page (version A and version B, for example), then randomly display those variants to landing page visitors. The best performing version is picked as the “winner”. The winning version is then displayed to all incoming landing page visitors.

A/B split testing is used to test the performance of your landing pages, leaving you with the most optimal version to maximize subscriber collection.

To set up A/B split testing on your landing page, you must first create a landing page. Once your landing page is created:

  1. Navigate to Sites.

  2. Click the Landing pages tab.

  3. Click on the title of your landing page.

  4. Scroll to the Landing page section and click Create split test.

  1. Here you will see your landing page. Click the Add your first version button.

  1. A window will appear in which you can select how you want to create version B of your split test. You can choose from the following options:

  • Create from scratch - Create a totally different landing page from scratch

  • Copy from original landing page -  Create version B from a copy of version A (great if you only wish to make small changes)

  • Copy from another landing page - Use another landing page you’ve already created to test against your current landing page

  1. Select your preferred option and click Create.

  2. Once your new version is edited, click Save and publish.

Note: You can repeat steps 5-8 multiple times in order to create and test up to five versions of your landing page.

  1. Under Distribute your visitor traffic, you can drag the divider to select the percentage of traffic you want to direct to each version. By default, traffic will be distributed equally between versions.

  1. Once you’re happy with your settings, click Save.

If you wish to edit your split test settings before launching:

  1. Navigate to Sites.

  2. Click on the Landing page tab.

  3. Click the title of your landing page.

  4. Scroll to the Landing page section and click Manage split test.

When you’re ready to launch your split test, toggle Split testing from OFF to ON. Split testing will start immediately and can’t be stopped until you’re ready to pick a winner.

Additionally, once a winner has been picked you won’t be able to restart the A/B test.

Note: Split test results are based on unique traffic (not views). If one person opens your landing page multiple times that will be counted as one visit.

Curious about A/B testing your email campaigns? Check our simple Guide to email marketing A/B testing.

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