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How to use A/B split testing for automations

Growing business and Advanced plan users can now split-test certain elements of their workflows. With A/B testing for automation, you can test up to 3 versions of Delay and Email steps.

There are many ways you can use the A/B split test step. For example, you can:

  • Test different automation email subject lines: Find out which version yields the most opens/clicks

  • Test different sender names: See if subscribers resonate more with a person or a brand

  • Test emails with different content: Find out what kind of newsletter engages more subscribers

  • Test different delay times: Find the appropriate time to send follow-up emails that get more conversions

Learn how to implement split tests in your automations and discover more about your subscribers.

To add a split test to your automation workflow:

1. Open your automation in the workflow editor.

2. Click the + icon and select A/B testing.

3. In the sidebar, give your split test a name and use the slider to select the percentage of which you’d like to distribute traffic.

Note: There is no limit to the number of A/B tests you can add to a single workflow. Therefore, we highly recommend naming each split test so that it’s easy to differentiate each one in your automation overview.

4. If needed, add a third variable by clicking + Add path C.

5. Click each + icon to add your variables. You can choose to test Delay steps, Email steps, or a combination of both.

6. Once you’re happy with your split test, click the single + icon at the bottom to continue building your workflow.

In this example, the workflow sends out a promotion followed by a follow-up email for non-openers. The A/B split test step is used to test the length of time between each email.

7. To check the stats and choose a winner for your A/B split test, open your workflow editor, select the A/B split testing step and click Choose the winner.

8. A window will appear in which you can review the stats once more before selecting your winner.

You can also monitor the progress of your A/B split test(s) by navigating to the workflow’s overview page.

It’s important to remember that automation A/B split tests do not automatically choose a winner after a certain period of time. If you want to end the test and choose a winner, you need to do it manually from within your workflow editor.

Once a winner is chosen, all new subscribers entering the workflow will pass through that version.

If you want to remove an A/B split testing step from your workflow:

1. Make sure your workflow is switched off.

2. Hover over the A/B split testing step you want to delete and click the trash icon.

If a winner has not yet been chosen for this step, you can delete all paths and the steps within them, or delete singular paths and their following steps.

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