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Creating a blog post

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A blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website and grow your email list.

To create a blog post on your website, go to the Websites tab on the Sites page.

Then click on the Create website orange button. Once you name your new website, click Save and continue.

Select a group for any forms you might want to create on your website, and click Save and continue. Choose a template for your website and click Select to start using the website builder.

How to add a blog page to your website

1) Once you have your website open in the website builder, click the Pages tab located in the sidebar.

2) Then, click Create new to add a new page.

3) Select Blog as your new type page.

4) Choose the name for your blog page. The name is how it will appear in your website’s navigation.

Note: If you want to set your Blog as your homepage, just click the Edit button on your Blog page and then click Set as home page.

How to manage blog categories

1) To add and edit categories for your blog page, navigate to the Sites page from your dashboard. Click the Websites tab and choose the website containing the blog you wish to add categories to.

2) Then, navigate to the Blog tab and click the Manage categories option.

3) Click Add category and choose a title for your new category. The title is how the category will appear on your website. Once you’re done, click Create.

4) Then, in a similar way, choose a slug for your category. The slug is the URL of your created category. Once you’re done, click Save.

How to create a new blog post

1) From your dashboard, your blog posts can be found and created on the Sites page under the Websites tab when you click on the title of your website.

2) To create a new blog post, click the Create a post orange button and give your post a title. Once you’re done, click Create.

3) Then, you will be able to edit the Post titleExcerpt and Featured image of your blog post. If you have created categories, they will also appear here.

4) Once you’re done with your blog post settings, click Next: Content to save the changes and start writing your blog post by typing directly into the editor.

How to use content blocks in your blog post

There are 4 kinds of blocks you can have in a blog post: text blocks, dividers, tables and image blocks.

To add these blocks to your blog post, you can:

1) Hover over the margin to the left of your text until a + button appears.

2) Click the + button to add additional blocks to your blog post.

To edit, duplicate or delete a block, just click the three dots on the far right side of the block and select your desired option.

Note: Clicking Enter will make you jump to another new block and clicking Shift + Enter will make you stay within the same block.

Publishing and unpublishing a blog post

Once you’re happy with how your blog post looks like in your editor, just click Save and publish.

Any time you want to add or revise blog posts details, you can return to your website’s Blog tab to edit and create posts without the need to open the website builder.

You can also unpublish blog posts by clicking on the Unpublish button.

Previewing your blog page

1) To see a preview of how your blog or website will look like in a browser, navigate to your website’s Overview tab.

2) Then, click Copy URL under the Website URL and favicon option.

3) Open a new browser window and paste the URL.

This will enable you to navigate through a preview of your website and get a feel of what your website will look like to your visitors.

To learn more, check out this article on how to create a blog with MailerLite.

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