Customize the Unsubscribe Page

If you want a custom unsubscribe page that is more in line with your brand, you can do that with MailerLite. To create a custom unsubscribe page, click Unsubscribe in the top right menu.

In the unsubscribe stats tab, you can see the reasons people unsubscribe from your mailing list. In the unsubscribe form tab you can edit your form to match your brand. Let's do that now. Click Edit.

The two main options you have now are:

  • Unsubscribe from all groups (recommended) - To make sure you don't risk sending an email to someone who has previously unsubscribed, we recommend removing them from all groups.
  • Only remove from selected groups - Selecting groups to display will allow subscribers to both sign-up for and opt-out of some or all of groups.

To add something to the block, click on the plus icon inside the block itself. You have the choice to add the title, the divider, the text field, an image, video or social icons.