How to exclude segments or groups (or blacklist)

Sometimes your newsletter doesn’t cater to all your subscribers. Maybe you don’t want to send your email campaign to people based in a certain location or those who haven’t been active for a while. Or, there are certain blacklisted contacts that should never receive emails from you. In MailerLite, you can easily exclude groups and segments.

Navigate to Create campaign, name the campaign, click Next and choose the new drag & drop editor. Once you’re done editing, you’ll come to the Recipients overview. If you don’t have any segments yet and are curious about how to create these, watch this video.

On the right side next to each group and segment, you’ll seeExclude. If you’re sending your email to multiple groups or segments and these groups contain the same subscriber, that subscriber will only receive your newsletter once. Same goes for excluding a subscriber. If you exclude a group containing subscriber X, this person will not receive any newsletter, even if subscriber X is also present in another group that you didn’t exclude in this mailing.