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How to create and use segments

Meet segments: a great way to group subscribers to send them personal, targeted messages. In this video, you'll learn how to use segments.

In MailerLite, segments are saved filters. They're dynamic and automatically update when your list grows.

To see your segments, go to Subscribers and then click on the tab Segments. Now you can search and filter people, for example:

  • Email contains MailerLite

  • Name contains Marcin

  • Group belongs to Team

  • Time inactive equals 400 days

  • Location is [City/Country]

You can build filter conditions based on groups, fields, segments, signup date, time zone, campaigns, automation workflows and time inactive.

Now when you click Save as segment, your new filtered group of people will be saved when you click Create. From then onwards, each new subscriber that matches the filter conditions will automatically be added to your segment.

When you create a new campaign, you can use your segments to target specific subscribers. In case you haven't created any segments yet, you won't see this option in the campaign creation step Recipients.

For further information about segments, take a look at our Help article on how to create and use segments.

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